Emiliano S.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Mobile technical leader with experience in the creation of MVPs, leading large teams, and extensive knowledge in hardware integration.
- I successfully led a project in AI Computer Vision where we developed models capable of detecting, tracking, and counting animals. This project also included implementing OCR technologies to read ear tag labels. - I designed and implemented a human-friendly chatbot using Large Language Models (LLM), which was trained to respond to specific information sets defined by an admin user. - I have tutored high school students pursuing an IT career for the past two years, guiding them in learning Kotlin and Android development. This effort culminated in the students building a mobile app as their final project. - I played a key role from inception to production in multiple startup projects, leading to the development of mobile apps that achieved over 100,000 downloads. - I led various projects where I was responsible for the product architecture, working with diverse technologies, platforms, and third-party services. - I published multiple social media posts and videos related to new technologies and products.