Denis B.
Location Map Pin Australia
Main Clock UTC+10:00 (Australia/Sydney)
Good technical team leadership skills. Passed all the stages of software program implementation. Over 20 years of development experience.
I have an experience in the design and development of desktop and distributed Web\Windows\Linux\Mac OS X\IOS\Android applications, embedded applications and systems, networking and databases, games, client-server and cross-platform solutions using different programming languages. Experience with money-related solutions (payment processing, payment gateways, automatic and scheduled payments). CC, PayPal, Stripe and etc processing experience. Cyber Security, Server configuration, Firewalls, VPN, AWS, Azure, Devops, Cloud (AWS, Google cloud services, Bluemix) other. Technology list: C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Tensorflow, Apple MFi, Android, XCode, Java, PHP, jQuery, Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Window/Linux/FreeBsd/MacOs, MySQL/ MSSQL. Experienced with: Client-Server Applications, Multi-Threaded Applications, Cross-Platform Applications, System and Driver Software, URE (OpenOffice SDK), UDK, OpenGL, Unity3D, iOS SDK, Android NDK.