Bohdan M.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Full-stack developer who can create a web app (front-end and back-end), upload it to a cloud service, and set up all infrastructure elements.
I’ve been learning programming for over four years. I have about three years of commercial development experience so far. I was always fond of logic. Hence, I attended multiple competitions on mathematical logic, including statewide, with two qualifying rounds: regional and city. I am interested in complex composite load modeling I was also involved in developing a large, high-load hotel booking project across Europe to cover up to 75.000 online users. I web scraped the Internet (all booking sites and hotel sites). As a result, I could book a room for a user at the stage of buying a flying ticket. Even more, I worked with a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and the Netflix streaming service. It took me a pretty long time to learn about video encryption for the end-user (here, we mean the encrypted code part, not the decryption chips installed on Android TV, or whatever). I was a team lead in a large project team for a while.