Ilya Z.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
NLP Engineer with Python skills
Data Science engineer with good software development skills. Have a strong general computer science background, as well as plenty of experience with Python, server-side web development/deployment (Django REST, Tornado), SQL storages (MySQL) or document-base storage (ElasticSearch) and other server side-related technologies; have worked on Machine Learning tasks (NLP, Computer Vision), using scikit-learn, scipy, Keras, SpaCy and other. Have experience of Neural Networks, Deep Learning in the combination with frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras) for specific tasks solving, such as text classification, web-page filtering, etc. Have experience in the latest techniques in NLP such as ELMo (Deep contextualized word representations), word2vec, textual entailment, coreference resolution, dependency parsing for NLP, and DL methods and architectures (such as seq2seq models, autoencoders, etc.) which can be applied to NLP tasks.