Mihail M.
Location Map Pin Belarus
Main Clock UTC+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)
Mihail is a software developer with 5 years of commercial experience in the development of web applications of varied complexity using Ruby on Rails​.
His technology stack includes ​Ruby/Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSON, jQuery, Websocket, CoffeeScript, Git, RabbitMQ​, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Devise/Omniauth, Activerecord, Sidekiq/Delayed job, SimpleForm, Paperclip, ImageMagick,Stripe,PayPal,Heroku,OneSignal,Leaflet, Asterisk, Amazon AWS, Haml, Apache, Nginx, Puma, Unicorn, Capistrano, ​Capybara, ​Rspec, ​ Factory girl, Android, Agile, SCRUM, ​Iterative Waterfall, TDD/BDD etc. Apart from his technical skills, Mihail ​is comfortable both when working as a part of a team as well as taking responsibility for separate tasks independently​. As apersonMihailisagreatcommunicatorwhoalwaysmaintains a positive attitude to work.