Andrii T.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
.Net developer with over 4 years' experience.
I am a full stack web developer. With over 6 years of development experience and an education background in business and data analytics, I bring a unique mix of development expertise, strong communication, and business acumen to every client engagement. This means that in addition to building the solutions for your problems, I can help you find places where new technology can improve your bottom line that you might not have known were possible. I have been working with C#, PHP and JavaScript for my entire time in programming. Unlike many developers in these languages I have taken the time to learn the inner workings of these languages and can easily wield them without supporting frameworks if needed (for smaller projects, I actually prefer this lightweight and fast approach). I love to work on projects that result in automated solutions and save my client time or overhead. As these projects reach their conclusion, I am now ready to help you with your business.