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Vladimir S.
Last update: 13 Nov 2019
DevOps engineer with a decent background in banking secured systems engineering
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+2 East Europe


Industry Experience

Education & Science, Advertising & Marketing

Product Experience

Devops Engineer/ Administrator, cloud infrastructure


Oct `19 – Present

1 month

Optimization and maintenance of infrastructure for educational social platform

DevOps engineer

Configured a secured data storage with Hashicorp Vault. Completed server configuration. Developed scripts for infrastructure configuration with services setup and alert manager. Planned metrics, set up monitoring, created dashboards. Configured a setup for Filebeat exporter. Wrote technical documentation on a daily basis.

We implement best practices of Infrastructure as Code methodology (with Terraform and Ansible) and set up the Hashicorp Vault service for secure data storage.

Technologies Stack:

Elasticsearch Grafana


Education & Science


Devops Engineer/ Administrator, cloud infrastructure

Jun `19 – Present

5 months

Deployment automation and time-to-market reduction for SaaS platform

DevOps engineer

Created a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins integration. Developed Shell scripts, set up monitoring with Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Cloudwatch. Created dashboards with Grafana. Planed metrics and set up alert messaging integration with Slack and MS Teams.

We created customized CI/CD pipelines and automated new client's resources creation. These tasks resulted in increased deployment frequency and reduced number of human errors. We set up a monitoring system. As a result of infrastructure optimization, we reached its scalability, availability, and redundancy.

Technologies Stack:

Groovy Bash shell scripting Elasticsearch Jenkins Docker Grafana Bitbucket


Advertising & Marketing


Devops Engineer/ Administrator, cloud infrastructure


Zaporizhzhia Industrial Institute

Electronic engineer

OpsWorks Co. agency #1108

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