Dmitriy K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Andriod developer with good knowledge of Java and Kotlin
Highly motivated Android Developer with over 3 years of hands-on experience. My main goal is a high-quality product, so I am always in the search for ways to improve my skills and make code better. I am ready to face complicated tasks and utilize my expertise in finding the best possible solutions. Key technologies: • Languages: Java, Kotlin • Android SDK: Application components, permissions, ConstraintLayout, AAC • Application architectures: MVP, MVVM • Frameworks and libraries: Retrofit2, OkHttp3, Gson, Dagger2, Moxy, Cicerone, Butter Knife, Picasso, Glide • External APIs: Firebase Cloud Messaging, OAuth (Google, Facebook) • Build tools: Gradle • Version controls: Git • General: OOP, Design patterns, Algorithms and Data Structures • Unit Testing: JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock I graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2015. Master's Degree in Electronic engineering.