Ivan K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
C# C++ Python JavaScript - Experienced Development Engineer & Tech lead, 16 years in programming with deep expertise in full-cycle product development
•Full cycle product development experience: from architecture creation to installation •Windows Forms application with native (C++) engine background with plugins subsystem •WCF client-server systems •Self-hosted Web API services •Strong database design experience: MS SQL and embedded Firebird – query optimization and profiling •Using object oriented methodology and system analysis, client-server architecture, multi-threading, inter-process communication •C++ applications (Win API, STL, boost, Qt) •WinDBG experience : analyzing user-level memory dumps for C++ applications to fix crashes and find memory leaks; analyzing dumps for .Net applications with sos.dll extension to fix deadlocks and memory optimization •Reverse engineering experience for native code with IDA •Reverse engineering experience for .Net code (with deobfuscation) •OpenStack infrastructure understanding and extending some components •Using AWS SDK (boto 3) to create and modify VM instances in the AWS cloud.