Andrey M.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
High-skilled Software Developer & experienced DevLeader in Front-end/Back-end/DevOps & in Native applications for enterprise and startup projects.
- 6+ years in software development, research, reversing and DevOps activities - Software development experience as a front-end/back-end, native applications developer for enterprise and startup projects - Advanced research&reverse engineering skills, targeting mobile and native applications, communication protocols, low-level OS security features, drivers, and binary data formats - Solid experience of penetration testing and reversing of Android APKs and native applications, daemons&drivers - Advanced experience in the development of native desktop and mobile and web applications, back-end services, applying C/C++, Python, JS, TS, Java, C# - Strong experience in research, design, estimation, and implementation of complex applications and systems - Strong experience in the technical management of the distributed teams up to 20 developers - Expert in multithreading and multiprocess design - Experience in client-server architectures and architectures based on microservices