Serhii R.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
An experienced Ethereum and Solidity Engineer, who builds successful solutions from scratch.
- 6 years in the software development field. - Blockchain and smart contracts development (Ethereum, Ontology, Hyperledger) - blockchain networks modification, including consensus algorithms, rewards calculation, and speed improvements. - Smart contract security audit - smart economic design & implementation. - design and implementation offchain logic that communicates with blockchain (different bridges, oracles, etc.). - Cryptography: Symmetric (AES, 3DES) and Asymmetric Encryption (RSA, elliptic curve cryptography). Hash algorithms and key generation algorithms. Keys exchange algorithms. - Windows & Mac cross-platform applications development - Understanding of TCP/IP, OSI. - Expert in multithreading - Database design experience: SQLite, MySql, Redis - client-server architectures and architectures based on microservices - Research and data analysis - Valgrind and WPA experience: memory leaks and other error analyzing resource usage optimization.