Francisco Andrés C.
Location Map Pin Chile
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/Santiago)
I've been working in the software industry for the last 5 years, through this period I've worked mainly in Software factories.
I'm in Lipigas, an electrical company that decided to implement some of its systems in-house. In these years I've executed roles such as Project leader, Tech lead, Backend developer, and Fullstack developer, depending on the characteristics and needs of the current project, nevertheless, today my contract establishes my role as Tech lead. Experience using JAVA, Javascript, Node JS, Angular JS/6+, .Net core/framework, SQL Server, Postgresql, Redis, Rest, Soap, GCP, and Azure, however, I'm mostly focused on .Net core, GCP, Firebase, Postgresql, React, Rest, Redis all over a Microservices oriented architecture. Finally, I've applied my knowledge on solutions for customers as Lipigas, LATAM, Salfacorp, Aconcagua, and Correos de Chile, just to name the most important ones. Due to the different clients for which I've developed solutions, I covered industries and areas such as house sales and its warranty management, human resources, GLP sale, mining project administration, and airlines.