Ivan K.
Location Map Pin Belarus
Main Clock UTC+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)
Front-end developer
Proficient in JS React, Redux, old and modern features. I know and actively use built-in methods of working with objects, arrays and strings. Able to build application architecture. Design large stats. Can consciously and rationally choose the libraries to be used. Able to intelligently estimate deadlines for tasks. Work both in a team and alone, able to distribute tasks between team members, monitor their implementation. Confident in the tools for unit (jest) and e2e-testing (cypress). Familiar with Jenkins and Docker. I can get a server up on ubuntu, configure apache, nginx, ufw, install LAMPstack, mongodb, etc. Advanced use of Vertskoy. I can make a nice animation. Able to tune up webpack and development environment: eslint, prettier, husky, commitlint and others. I can conduct code-review and refactoring and able to determine the necessity of refactoring and estimate its size.