Pavel K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Back-end/blockchain developer
I was engaged in developing an admin panel in PHP for analyzing Nginx-based logs transferred to MySQL on a software download platform with up to 10M actions per day. I helped develop a gaming platform for serving tournaments in a series of games (like CS: GO, Dota, LoL) of different types (SE/DE/Best of N). What’s more, I developed an ICO smart contract (Solidity, ERC-20 token based) which passed an external audit. Also, I did several audits for third-party smart contracts. I participated in creating a WebRTC video service platform that supports all major browsers plus Android/iPhone. I optimized an existing code/database of the crypto trading/crypto exchange platform (MySQL/Yii). I accomplished a custom Netflix player for Android TV. Based on the Kodi player solution analysis, I built in some features Kodi didn't have: sending player logs back to Netflix, which, in turn, affected suggestions.