Vasile R.
Location Map Pin Moldova
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Chisinau)
Team Leader. Created more than 10 Angular (FE) and NestJs + Postgres/Firebase (BE).
I worked in the following niches: Travel, Finances, Auto, Real Estate, Health & Fitness. Besides work, I participated at startup Accelerators (The name is - Yep Moldova) where I was a team leader and took 2'nd place. We created a SaaS for the founders of startups, to help them organize shares in a company. Also, I have a team where we participate at Hackathons (FAF Hackathon, Garage 48, Startup Academy Moldova). Now I am teaching my mother and my girlfriend FrontEnd Development, and they have pretty good results (more than 2 months). In few words - I always like to look at the things from another angle and think out of the box.