Nicolas T.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
I am a skilled front-end developer, experienced in developing web-based projects. Passionate for developing challenging web apps.
- When I worked in a platform that administrates a group of schools that allows being in contact with teachers, parents, to have all the information about the grades and processes within those schools, it was a big challenge and it was daily work to develop new features and the interactiveness within the platform. -Online store/ e-commerce, was challenging and was very satisfactory to help neighbors, very similar to a platform called Rappi in South America, I learned a lot from that type of development and logistics. - Personal project, it was an app that helped to manage notes with a Google extension, and help save these notes to be consulted afterward, it help me a lot when I was learning Docker and other techs, also helped me to understand how the Google Extensions are created.