Camilo G.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
CTO with extensive skills in Vue 2-3, Angular 2+, Flutter, React, Typescript, Github, Jenkins, Jest, Software Design Patterns, Frontend Architectures.
I've been a front-end developer since 2015; during the last months, I have also been working as a teacher (teaching about software development). I’m a co-founder of a software company; on it, I have worked as a Frontend developer, Tech Lead and Product Manager empirically. I love to develop software from scratch, because I feel that I can apply good practices at the beginning of the project that can be shared with other partners, and I like teaching to young developers how to improve their knowledge in a good way. I like to learn in order to be always updated about new software and practices; It is very good for this career. I like to face challenges in my job, I think that with them, I work with more passion, joy and I am always growing as a developer. I have an eye for detail with all the things that I do, I like to share my knowledge and receive feedback to see different points of view and improve on some topics.