Patrick G.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-04:00 (America/Campo_Grande)
A professional with a lot of experience, who stands out wherever he goes through his ease of learning and discipline through continuous studies
Full Stack Software Engineer / Software Architect / Devops I'm a software engineer with a strong background in planning and building full stack applications running on local premises or in the cloud. - Transparency and ethic relationships are the base of my work; - I always try to keep in touch with technology. Working on the software development field for 20 years I know by experience that this is very important; Experience in architecture/development of distributed applications using a variety of programming languages among Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and PHP. Application architecture, development and deployment in cloud environments, specially on Amazon Web Services, more specifically EC2, Auto Scaling, Route53, RDS (MySQL), S3, SES, Lambda, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Container Registry, Systems Manager, DynamoDB, Elastic Load Balancer, Elasticsearch, ElastiCache (Redis).