David A.
Location Map Pin Colombia
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Bogota)
Full Stack Developer with more than six years of experience. A high sense of responsibility and possesses analytical skills
*Worked with US clients on financial, assets, workflows, and React on the frontend. Worked as a Senior Backend Developer using Azure functions, Node.js, Express, CosmoDB, Jest, MSTS, and others *Worked on two main projects with US clients, which were an events platform project and a human resources platform. Used React on the front end with NextJS. Performed Senior Backend Developer using AWS, NestJS, Node.js Express, MongoDB, Jest, GitLab, Auth0, Twilio, and others *Worked using technologies such as .NET Core 3, Node.js, React Native, Hooks and Reducers, Azure, VSTS, Clean Code, and Patterns *Managed unit testing, DevOps, API gateway, and DDD *Implemented DevOps company-wide using automatic tests, Cucumber, Katalon and continuous integration with Jenkins and GitLab