Diego T.
Location Map Pin Peru
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/Lima)
Highly skilled Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience working with .NET technologies, MEAN stack, and the JAVA Spring framework.
* Developed a time management and employee payment web system where employees enter hours worked and upload invoices at the end of a pay period, HR verifies and processes time and invoices, and reports are generated Technologies used: ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP:NET Web Forms, Entity Framework Core, Dapper, SQL Server, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Ninject (dependency injection), VSTest and Mock (unit testing), TeamCity * Created Asynchronous RESTful API, built with the .NET Core MVC framework, for a scoring model using machine learning *Protected project API using an identity server to obtain claims and tokens, used for authentication and authorization Built project frontend using Angular *Developed survey management web application used by client’s partners, to handle reminders, confirmations, rejections, low scores, and other important events in customer feedback