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YouTeam helps tech companies extend their engineering teams, leveraging a network of 20,000+ vetted contractors from hundreds of development agencies across the world.

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How YouTeam works

Step 1: Talk to us

Launch the personalized matching process

Call Step

Set up an intro call with our Team
Advisor — your personal contact at YouTeam who ensures the talent we source perfectly matches your needs. It's free

Step 2: Assess the candidates

48h to the verified shortlist of candidates

Assess Step

YouTeam handpicks the best suitable candidates from its pool of over 20,000 engineers, conducts personalized pre-screens, then arranges interviews for you.

Step 3: Begin work

Get the ball rolling safe and easy

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YouTeam automates contract signing and invoicing for you and the development companies, employers of your selected engineers. No commitments before this point.

Our Benefits

1 week

Flexible, efficient scaling

Dedicated support

20,000+ engineers
in the network

Vetted talent

No fees

Alex Chelmis

“ If you are looking to hire development contractors and you are afraid of the process, logistics, and other aspects, YouTeam will do that for you so you can focus on selecting the right person and making sure he is the right fit for your team/project. And if he is not, YouTeam is always there to support you for any changes needed. ”

Alex Chelmis Founder

Florian Mott

“ It's just much more convenient to find a small team. I talk to one person, get 5 hand-picked CVs, interview candidates, hire the best ones – and I’m done! ”

Florian Mott CEO and Co-Founder

Tony Coyle

“ Access to programmers with a desired skill set — clear background information and references. Ability to build out a team really quickly without having to countenance building that team ourselves - especially useful for short periods or bursts of activity. Access to talent as our business needs grow or shrink without the normal staffing costs/management has been of great benefit. ”

Tony Coyle Software Architect

James Withall

“ YouTeam prioritizes flexibility and transparency. I know that they only work with the most trustworthy dev shops around. ”

James Withall CTO

Tell us about your plans on a brief intro call and we’ll start the matching process.

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