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Extend your team with remote engineers you can trust, in 1 week

We’re a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for hiring engineers from vetted dev shops around the globe.

You’re in good company

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Discover our unique B2B hiring model

YouTeam takes all the best parts of freelancing, outsourcing, and in-house hiring to give you:

  • Flexibility and access to global talent

    We partner with established outsourcing companies based in Central, Eastern Europe and Latin America

  • Diligent vetting

    We vet our partners and their talent

  • Personal approach & effortless hiring experience

    White-glove matching and support

  • Speed-to-hire

    1 week and you're ready for take-off

  • Reasonable rates based on engineers' location & skillset

    We're do not interfere into our partners' pricing policies

Trusted talent, ready to join your team

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How is YouTeam different?

Less risk

Less risk - more reliability

  • Engineers get integrated into your team and processes, work full-time.

  • You screen best matching candidates yourself, we orchestrate the process.

Our white-glove matching service

Our white-glove matching service

  • Precise matches are our passion — we need just 48 hours to search a pool of 20,000 engineers.

  • Average time-to-hire is 1 week.

No added fees

No additional fees

  • Our customers pay no fees.

  • YouTeam gets paid by its partner outsourcing companies.

Safety guarantees

Safety guarantee

  • Payments are secured by YouTeam.

  • Customers and their engineers get dedicated personal support.

What to expect from the process?

  • Intro call

    Intro call

  • Matching


  • Video interviews

    Video interviews

  • Coding tasks

    Coding tasks

  • Contract


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