Top 5 fastest growing industries of 2019: a review of the investments in startups

In 2019, Healthcare, Transportation, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Financial Services segments were home to 2019’s fastest-growing startups that attracted the most of VC investments. These...

Hiring tech talent remotely: 2019 trends

Remote work has made a lot of buzz in 2019. Many people talk about it, many already use its benefits for their companies. With the competition being global, you cannot anymore be limiting your hiring ambitions...

Remote team management – how to deal with challenges

Remote team managers face challenges every day. From miscommunication and time zone differences to project/code management to technical issues – there’s a whole bunch of problems to deal with. Leading...

Managing remote teams – expert interviews

Remote team management brings a lot of challenges. Time zone differences, cultural differences, lack of face-to-face communication – when not properly handled, all of this can seriously impact the remote...

Offshore destinations – where to outsource developers

After you’ve decided to hire offshore developers for your project, the first question that you may ask yourself will be “Where to outsource?” Other questions that may arise are “How to outsource?” and “How...

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