9 Most Helpful Node.js Open Source Projects As Stated By Experts

Node.js open source projects and when to use each of them

Node.JS is an amazing JavaScript framework with the prominent features and great growth potential. It was developed as an open source solution: software engineers can contribute to this technology in order to enhance and optimize its functionality. Developers share their lines of Node.js projects code, which can be extremely useful for other products or the development knowledge base in general.

This all sounds very promising. But finding the reliable projects which had been designed according to the coding standards is not a piece of cake. This is why we researched professional opinions and prepared this list of Node.js open source projects.

A reliable Node.js open source project has a colossal value for those developers who plan or already work with Node.js related tasks. They can simplify the work and provide the professionals with the needed information and tips. Some of these tips can be impeccable for building really cool new projects.


Express provides rich functionality for the development of web services and mobile applications. It is one of the trending modular open source projects on Node.js that demonstrates a high level of flexibility.

When would it be most helpful?

Express is helpful when fulfilling the tasks related to the security and the speed of the app.


Going down the list of Node.js projects, let’s take a look at TypeScript. The TypeScript programming language enhances JavaScript functionality. Type and modules along with classes added can be used as the option to JavaScript traditional ones. All operating systems, likewise browsers and hosts, are supported by TypeScript.

When would it be most helpful?

TypeScript is a splendid example of how to write high-quality JavaScript code with a decent level of readability.


Hapi is one of the Node.js projects that’s been continuously improved and always provides the developers with better opportunities. The main aim of Hapi framework is to allow building web apps that feature the reusable logic.

When would it be most helpful?

Try Hapi, if you are looking for a tool that demands less time to be spent on architecture.


Another Node.js open source project is VSCode editor. Node.js, React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, and many other languages are supported by this tool. Tons of built-in extensions make it additionally useful.

When would it be most helpful?

VSCode is a good choice if you are looking for the open source JavaScript projects’ code editor that works on different operating systems like Linux, Windows, and MacOS.


Electron is a complicated mix of Node.js, Chromium, and C++. With its help native apps on HTML/CSS and JavaScript for desktop can be built.

When would it be most helpful?

Electron provides great assistance when a need for building cross-platform cool Node.js projects for Linux, Windows or MacOS appears.


Standard Node JS project is here to save the developer’s time. It allows preventing style errors and provides faster code review means.

When would it be useful?

Standard is one of the greatest JavaScript open source projects if you want to find style errors in the shortest terms.


Node.JS ecosystem uses Sinon for testing purposes.

When would it be useful?

Using Sinon makes sense if you are looking for a Node JS open source framework that provides the possibilities to create test spies, stubs and mocks.


Chai is another Node JS open source testing instrument. It provides behavior and test-driven development approaches and a few prominent options for implementing a user-friendly design.

When would it be useful?

Chai, especially in combination with Sinon, is considered to be a stunning QA tool when developing a Node.JS project.


The list of JavaScript extensions for testing that were built on Node JS source continues with Mocha. It provides precise reports in the process of detecting the exceptions to the test cases.

When would it be useful?

Mocha is a perfect Node JS project hosted on GitHub that serves the final assurance to make the code run appropriately before the deployment.

Powerful Node JS open source development community created a variety of great solutions. Being checked, tested and debugged, they have been transforming into even better and more useful solutions. By implementing a single ready-made element in your project, you get even more extra time for making your ideas real.

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