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A Complete Guide to Hiring a React.js Developer

According to 2022 research by Gallup, the number of remote workers worldwide has risen rapidly (showing that 8 of 10 people are now working remotely) and will continue to grow for the next few years. Accordingly, many countries, such as the US and Ukraine, have followed this route and invested enormous amounts in improving their IT workforce and providing top-tier developers to the global market.

Thus, if your company needs to hire a React.js developer for upcoming development projects, you are no longer limited to your local market. On the other hand, due to the popularity of React.js and its high demand, hiring the best professional isn’t painless. For this reason, we have created the ultimate guide to analyze all the things you should consider before you hire a React.js engineer.

From the position’s average salaries to the types of engagement you can choose from and the questions you should ask when interviewing a React.js developer, this article will provide all the valuable information you need. Let’s start by exploring the incredible popularity of React.js and how it affects the hiring process.

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Does React.js Popularity Affect Senior Developer Hiring?

React (or ReactJS, React.js) is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries, a framework used by developers to create a website’s user interface (UI). Enormous companies and online platforms like Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and Airbnb use React.js continuously to hire React.js developers to improve their website’s interface.

When it comes to React.js’s popularity, research indicates that React.js competes with Node.js for the most used UI framework. But the most interesting statistic is that React.js is the framework most developers plan on learning soon. 22,54% of software engineers want to work with React.js, recognizing its steady rise.

Best known frameworks
Source: HackerRank 2023 report

What do those stats mean for your company’s upcoming hiring process? Well, due to this enormous demand, finding a top-tier React.js engineer has become challenging. Still, many parameters can influence the hiring process.

Thus, we have gathered all the intelligent things to do if you want to ensure that you will hire a professional React.js developer. Without further ado, let’s analyze those solutions separately and start by exploring React.js developers’ average salaries globally.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Developer in Different Countries?

For you to find the most affordable solution when hiring a React.js developer, it is important to analyze the vast salary differences between countries. Let’s explore the differences between React.js developers’ average income, based on the land they are located.

This whole section is based on the data that we have found on Glassdoor. Which, in its turn, is based on anonymous salary reports that were filled in by Glassdoor users.

Keep in mind that one platform’s data can’t give you a comprehensive understanding of the whole market situation. From our experience, the real wages are at least 20% higher. Naturally, the salaries of senior developers (the most popular request from mature startups) are higher than the average.

At the same time, by checking this data, you can understand a general trend and how some regions are more expensive in terms of hiring developers than others.

Average React.js Developer Rates in North and South America

As most of you imagine, React.js developers in the US have the highest salaries around the world. Accordingly, a React.js developer’s average income in the US for 2023 is approximately $92K per year.

Nevertheless, due to the less expensive living cost, South American countries have a lower average salary.

Thus, even though many South American countries are well-known for their professional software engineers, those engineers have a much lower income than US developers per year. For example, you can find a front-end React.js developer in Mexico for $43K per year.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
Mexico $27,000 $43,000 $72,000
Brazil $14,000 $42,000 $73,000
Costa Rica $15,000 $39,000 $67,000
Uruguay $16,000 $26,000 $59,000
Colombia $14,000 $27,000 $61,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average React.js Developer Rates in Europe

Similar income differences also apply between Western and Eastern European countries. To be more precise, countries like Germany and the UK have much higher wages than countries like Bulgaria or Ukraine.

Thus, mainly due to their advanced economies and higher living costs, Western Europe’s countries offer higher average salaries to React.js developers. For instance, a React.js developer in Germany has an average yearly income of $81K, and an experienced software engineer located in the UK earns around $59K.

On the contrary, a React.js engineer from Ukraine earns around $27K, and a developer from Bulgaria has an average income of $51K.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
The UK $46,000 $66,000 $97,000
Germany $38,000 $62,000 $89,000
Czech Republic $27,000 $52,000 $81,000
Poland $21,000 $48,000 $73,000
Ukraine $14,000 $29,000 $57,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average React.js Developer Rates in Africa and Asia

African and Asian countries like India and South Africa have some of the lowest average salaries worldwide. Thus, unlike wages in Western Europe and the U.S., a React.js developer in India earns around $25K. Accordingly, an experienced software engineer in South Africa has an average income of $43K.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
India $9,000 $25,000 $37,000
China $25,000 $47,000 $71,000
Philippines $22,000 $35,000 $49,000
South Africa $21,000 $45,000 $78,000
Egypt $9,000 $18,000 $34,000
Kenya $7,000 $16,000 $33,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

How Can You Use React Developer Salaries Information to Benefit Your Business?

Knowing the average salaries is vital for those who own a company and need to hire a top-notch React.js developer but cannot afford the US (or Western European) developers’ salaries. Likewise, this is why numerous businesses prefer to invest in other solutions like temporary staff augmentation from platforms like YouTeam, and outsourced development teams.

The advance of remote working and the possibility of hiring a professional from anywhere around the world will help you cut unnecessary expenses. That being said, let’s dive deeper into the different ways in which you can nowadays hire a professional React.js developer at a reasonable price.

What Are the Hourly Rates for React.js Developers According to Youteam?

One of the strongest parts of our platform is access to the main dev shops in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Thanks to this, we are able to find a good match many times faster than it can do any other outsourcing company alone.

This access to hundreds of development agencies also makes our data about React.js developers’ rates more reliable than Glassdoor’s stats, as we aggregated it from a wider number of sources.

Minimal Rate Maximal Rate Average Rate
Junior React.js Developer $25 $96 $36
Middle React.js Developer $45 $134 $44
Senior React.js Developer $55 $180 $54

Source: YouTeam

Based on these rates and your technical specification, you can count how much your development will cost. For example, if you want to extend your team with a top engineer that has 5+ years of experience, you should be ready to pay $95K per year.

Offshore react development cost

What Are Your Different Options When Hiring React.js Developers?

Now that we have explored the React.js developers’ wages in different regions of the world, we should analyze your options when hiring an engineer. There are multiple ways of sourcing candidates based on geography and type of engagement.

Although it all comes up to your company’s needs, let’s have a look at each solution.

Hiring a React.js developer: Based on geography

Suppose you need to hire React.js developers. In that case, you have to choose between three different options, based on geography: hiring from your local market of engineers, hiring a nearshore individual or team, and hiring an offshore developer.

Local talent: If your company chooses to hire a React.js engineer from the local pool of talents, there are numerous places to find a professional. Most companies choose to advertise job positions on online job boards like Angel.co and Glassdoor.com. Another smart thing to do is host a local tech event like a hackathon or a tech conference to attract the engineers you need.

Finally, you can always ask for a local React.js engineer from a headhunting company or look at your local market by utilizing your HR services.

Nearshore and offshore developers: If you choose to hire nearshore or offshore React.js developers, you have many solutions to choose from. The most important thing to keep in mind when hiring from a distance is to always select development companies with great reviews and ratings. For this purpose, there are many B2B online platforms such as Clutch and G2.

Having a B2B partner is a brilliant way to ensure your developer has the ratings and experience you need. Another solution that applies to the nearshore developers’ hiring process is your participation in regional hackathons or tech conferences.

Hiring a React.js developer: based on the type of engagement

When hiring a React.js engineer, you can choose the best type of engagement for your needs. Although there are some subcategories, the primary engagement types are in-house development, staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing.

Types of engagement: In-house developer

By hiring an in-house React.js developer, you add a member to your permanent development team. Thus, your new React.js developer becomes a part of your front-end developers and gets paid by your company monthly or for the whole year in advance. Unfortunately, that also means you have to pay all the workers benefits (financial and non-financial).

On the other hand, if you need someone to work from your office, then you can find them by searching on the local talent market.

Types of engagement: Staff augmentation

With staff augmentation, all you have to do is choose a top-tier React.js developer who works in a dev shop. This specialist will join your dev team and will be managed by you as long as you need them while being officially employed by their dev agency. You can also do it through our online platform YouTeam. If you need a full-time, dedicated React.js developer to work on your projects temporarily, then staff augmentation is the best way to go.

With staff augmentation, you can quickly and easily hire a professional React.js engineer vetted by the platform and located anywhere around the world. As one of the most trustworthy, affordable solutions, staff augmentation is extremely popular for both startups and giant companies from expensive countries like the US.

One more benefit of staff augmentation is the easy scalability of your software development resources.

Types of engagement: Freelancing

Like staff augmentation, freelancing is another temporary type of engagement. By hiring a freelancer through platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal, you temporarily add a React.js engineer for a quick software task.

Freelancers get paid after the job is done, and they are the most affordable hiring solution, mainly due to the platforms’ extreme competition. However, freelancing is an unsafe solution, as many companies complain about delays or even project cancellations.

Types of engagement: Outsourcing

Outsourcing could be characterized as an alternative to staff augmentation. Many companies choose to outsource their development projects as this is an affordable alternative to in-house development. Outsourcing companies offer numerous developers and dev teams for you to choose from.

All your company has to do is prepare a clear project specification. An outsourcing partner will host interviews to find the best candidate for your React.js development needs. Once you make your choice, the developer(s) will start working on your projects remotely.

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Comparing React.js Developers from different regions: the US vs. Europe vs. Asia

Now that we have analyzed all the different ways to hire a React.js engineer, it is essential to explore if the more affordable developers of countries like Ukraine or India have the advanced skill set needed for your projects.

The answer is that countries like Ukraine not only have great software developers but, in many cases, those developers have a better IT score than more expensive engineers from countries like the US. To be more precise, Ukrainian developers ranked 11th place on HackerRank’s scoreboard, with an excellent score of 88,7% across all challenges.

On the other hand, US developers ranked in 28th place, and Indian engineers at 31st place. It becomes evident that many countries, like Ukraine, Bulgaria, or Mexico, have an experienced, affordable, top-tier IT workforce. We have also created a table to examine some other parameters, such as time convenience and English proficiency.

The US Ukraine India
Time Convenience Perfect for the US and Europe. Perfect for Western European countries and the US.  Big time differences between European countries and the US. Suitable for Australia.
English Proficiency Native  Intermediate to High level of English Basic to Intermediate level of English
Skills Ranked at 28th place Ranked at 11th place Ranked at 31st place

Interviewing a React.js developer: What are the most important questions to ask?

As with all hiring processes, interviewing is vital to ensure you hire the best React.js developer for your projects. Thus, let’s have a closer look at the main questions you should always ask when interviewing a React.js engineer.

  • Hard skills: It is imperative first to verify the developer’s technical skills. Likewise, it would be best if you always asked questions about their previous experience. Asking both general questions about React.js (i.e., improving UI through React.js) and more technical questions will help you do that.
  • Soft skills: After examining a candidate’s skill set, you should ask questions about their cultural fit and background. It is equally important to ensure that each candidate is a great team player, an enthusiast for what he/she does, and thus perfect for your company’s needs.

What Is the Easiest Way to Hire a React Developer?

If you want to hire a professional React.js developer through staff augmentation, YouTeam is the best platform. Let’s see all the reasons why choosing us as your developers’ hiring platform is the most innovative solution for you as a hiring manager:

  • Unlimited options: With YouTeam, you can find the best dev individuals and companies in no time. Our company has vetted the best (yet affordable) developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • Hire top-tier developers: Although our developers are not freelancers, the YouTeam platform allows you to have the final decision when it comes to the hiring process. By interviewing as many developers as you need, you can check their skill sets and find the best React.js developer for your company.
  • No hidden costs for our clients: If you choose to hire a React.js developer through YouTeam, the sourcing and interviewing process is risk-free.
  • Numerous good reviews from previous clients: In our platform, you can check all the good reasons why YouTeam is the best choice for you. Most of our clients fully trust our vetting process and choose to stay with YouTeam after trying our matching service.


Mainly due to the framework’s popularity, finding and hiring an experienced React.js developer isn’t easy. In this article, we concluded that hiring an outsourced developer from countries like Ukraine, where developers are experienced and affordable, is the smartest solution.

In this way, your business will save money, and you will effortlessly add a professional React.js engineer to your development team.

In the end, we explored why YouTeam is the best platform to trust when hiring through staff augmentation. There’s simply no better choice than YouTeam when you need to rapidly hire a React.js developer due to our platform’s vast number of vetted professionals, the numerous positive reviews, and the flexibility it provides.

Hiring a React.js developer: FAQ

Why do companies need React?

Software development teams use React to build single-page, mobile, or server-rendered applications with the help of frameworks like Next.js. React is a developer-friendly and easy-to-learn library. It has a vibrant, active community and its GitHub repository has over 164k stars.The library is also known for its flexibility – in addition to building components for web applications, developers can use React to build static websites using tools like Gatsby, or even desktop applications using a tool like Electron.

What applications are using React?

Thousands of web applications use React, from well-established businesses to new start-ups. Here are some of the examples:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Reddit

How do I hire a ReactJS developer?

The ReactJS developer hiring process should include the following steps:

  • Creating a list of requirements.
  • Reviewing React developers’ programming portfolios.
  • Asking technical questions and conducting code assessments.
  • Discussing candidates’ tech stack preferences and future career plans.
  • Asking about hobbies and interests.

What are the top platforms for hiring remote ReactJS developers?

1. Upwork EnterpriseThe Upwork Enterprise Suite gives companies access to expert-vetted React developers from Upwork’s global talent pool.

2. YouTeam

YouTeam is a marketplace that offers full-time vetted React.js developers from its network of development agencies across Europe and Latin America.

3. Arc()

Arc provides technical talent on both a freelance and full-time basis. Their React developers are located around the world, with the majority in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

4. TopTal

TopTal offers freelance React developers for temporary software projects and full-time engagements.

5. Wellfound

Wellfound is a job board for hiring U.S.-based, startup-ready remote React.js developers. The website also features a free recruiting workspace where companies can message candidates, schedule calls, coordinate interview feedback, and keep track of a candidate’s progress.

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