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Top Companies that Used Node.js in Production

Node.js is technics that many companies decide to use in production. It is available statements in real-time or when we find fast decisions. It has numerous advantages over technologies. Who uses Node.js in constructing apps? We have some high Node.js examples.

Companies that use Node.js are:


Netflix is world’s supplier of flowing broadcast and television. The association decided to embrace the fast and easy Node.js. Netflix embraced JavaScript and Node.JS to convert website.


Company Trello is program administration usage. The server side was built with Node.js. Node.js was helpful when the company was templating a tool for a one-page application.


PayPal is a online payment system. It has moved back-end progress from Java to JavaScript and Node.js. Choosing Node.js solved the problems, as it allowed for writing sites that used Node.js in the programming language JavaScript.


LinkedIn is civil network service, used Node.js. They moved mobile application back-end from ROR E-commerce to Node.js. In addition, the progress was quick.


Walmart is retailer.  Cooperating Node.js is a very trendy and new technics in spite of the danger that was involved in such a move. Walmart evaluated the famous nonsynchronous Node.js input/output that can handle simultaneously inquiries.


Uber is stand that links chauffeurs with clients who require transport. It uses instruments and computing languages in development of statements. Node.js is valuable factor in the company’s operation.


Groupon is online emporium. They used Node.js.


Ebay is e-commerce association. Company that uses Node.js for two main causes. They require an statements as real-time to support interconnections with the server  and solution.

The Node.js examples mentioned above are the top of the iceberg of all Node.js companies. There are many players which  use Node.js, for example Google,Microsoft,  Mozilla or Github.

Igor Grigorenko

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