Top 10 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

Top 11 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

A Software as a Service, or SaaS, company is a company that delivers services to its customers by using the software application. SaaS companies typically operate on the B2B market, delivering solutions to other companies. The most popular SaaS apps include customer resource management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting and invoicing, e-commerce, human resources, data management, and other systems. In this article, we’re going to list the 11 fastest growing SaaS companies 2024, according to the data by Saas1000. We also decided to keep updating this blog with new promising companies that appear on the market. All of them will be listed below top-10.

#1: Perceptyx

Founded in New York in 2013, the company has managed to demonstrate the 165% 6-month growth as of July 2019. Perceptyx is a platform that enables employers to collect feedback from employees regarding their work in the company. As a result, it helps organizations drive competitive advantage by aligning culture with business goals.

#2: AppZen

Based in California, AppZen delivers the world’s first AI system for modern finance teams. The platform unites computer vision, deep learning, and semantic analysis with intelligence from thousands of online data sources. Among company clients are Amazon, Airbus, and SalesForce.

#3: Guild Education

Having existed on the market since 2015, Guild Education partners with Fortune 1000 companies and non-profit universities to offer education benefits to their employees, with a focus on frontline workers. The company’s 6-month growth result is currently over 76%.

#4: Pipefy

Pipefy is the lean process management software that enables its users to control and automate their daily tasks, such as employee onboarding, customer service, agile development, financial services, and sales operations.

#5: TravelPerk

Established in Barcelona, TravelPerk is the all-in-one business travel management platform, which gives travelers the freedom they want while providing companies with the control they need. The users can book business travel both for themselves and other employees as well as manage the travel compensation.

#6: Projector PSA

Projector PSA is a SaaS product that includes four modules: project accounting, resource scheduling, advanced analytics, and project management. As a result, organizations can track time and expenses, invoice clients, schedule resources, and manage projects.

#7: Total Expert

Founded in 2012 in Minnesota, Total Expert created the first enterprise-grade Marketing Operating System (MOS) specifically for regulated financial services organizations. The system consists of four modules: marketing, co-marketing, compliance, and CRM.

#8: WorkJam

WorkJam delivers the Digital Workplace solution with such features as shift & task management, mobile & web clock, messaging & communication, training & assessments, rewards & recognition, surveys & polls, etc.

#9: Aircall

Aircall is the cloud-based phone system. Founded in 2014 in Paris, the company received $29 million in series-B funding and has quickly grown to over 800+ employees across the world.

#10: ChatMeter

Chatmeter is a local SEO platform that helps enterprise retail brands and agencies based in multiple locations increase their revenue. The platform offers the listings and reviews management, local SEO tracking, local pages, and SMM features.

#11: ProofHub

ProofHub is online collaboration tool for teams.

ProofHub is a cloud-based project management and team collaboration software that enables teams, businesses, and enterprises to simplify the way they manage their projects. The software offers a centralized place for managers to plan projects, share and organize files and documents, track time, collaborate over tasks, report, and a lot more to stay on top of everything.


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