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So Far, Yet So Close: Best Tools and Practices for Building Culture in Remote Teams

Let’s face it: companies are defined by the culture they create.

For some, culture building is making a cool office with bean bags, ping pong tables, slides and beer on a Friday afternoon. But that isn’t it.

Culture goes to the very heart of a company. Putting in place the right structures and support for employees is crucial if you want them and your company to succeed.

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When you build a positive, healthy, transparent and supportive culture, you are creating an environment where highly-skilled, motivated employees thrive.

When your team is happy, so are your clients; your company grows and thrives as a result of the culture you’ve created.

Sounds like a dream come true? Probably because it is.

To establish a positive corporate culture in your remote team, you need to sow seeds for it daily.

Let us guide you through each step of this process.

Below find 3 articles, each going deeper into the pillars of building the right culture in fully remote teams.

Part 1. Culture building: Definition and challenges

1.The hustle environment: why it has nothing in common with a positive working culture

2. Cake of the break room effect: why its absence is good for remote workers

3. How much money remote home workers can save their employers

4. What challenges put the culture of remote work in jeopardy

Part 2. Lessons learned from remote leaders

5. How Buffer defines six core values for hiring remote workers

6. How InVision embraces the culture of trust working with distributed teams

7. How Zapier keeps communication transparent across different time zones

8. What Litmus supplies its remote workers with and why it’s essential

9. What elements make up a vision of a perfect culture fit at Help Scout

Part 3. Time-tested tools for remote teams

10. Messaging apps

11. Video call software

12. Timezone tracking tools

13. Best practices for building the right culture in remote teams

It’s no news that many companies go for remote working culture due to the flexibility and cost-efficiency it offers. However, not so many manage to succeed.

Now that you know which elements build up a top-notch corporate culture, be sure to use them in your own practice. Remember: you don’t need to be Buffer to build a culture the way it does ?

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