Part III. What are the best locations to hire remote developers in 2022?

The geography of the remote work: where to hire remote developers?

Many US companies hire remote developers in Eastern Europe, Asia, or South America. The locations have been quite popular lately due to the growing talent pool and more affordable rates.

There are also companies that prefer sourcing tech talent locally, in the US, Canada, Western Europe.

Yet, most companies don’t consider time difference, language, or culture as a barrier and are open to hiring remote developers regardless of their location.

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Do you have any geographical preferences for hiring remote developers?

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Hubstaff team

“No. The whole point of hiring a remote development team was to open up a global talent pool for us so we could hire the best remote developers at salaries we could afford (during the early stages). That allowed the founders to bootstrap Hubstaff 100%.

Today, we’re looking for the best developers globally. Period. Geography doesn’t matter to us, although we do ask for a min. 3-4 hours time zone overlap with all potential team members.”

– Madhav Bhandari, HubStaff


Mart Virkus, Toggl - Remote Dev Teams Guide

We don’t have any real geographical preference. The beauty of remote work is that the whole world is your talent pool! Time zones can be a challenge, but as long as there is some agreed-upon overlap time in working hours it’s easily manageable. Encouraging open and frequent communication is key.”

Mart Virkus, Toggl


We focus primarily on hiring within North American business hours. Though we’re a fully remote organization, we maintain set business hours as a company that spans North American time zones. The way we work is centered largely around video calls and other synchronous forms of communication, so we make an effort to keep our business activity confined between the hours of around 8 am Eastern and 5 pm Pacific, and everybody works a set 8-hour workday within that window.

We like to know that we’re providing our team with sustainable, realistic working conditions – and for us, part of that includes knowing that we’re not asking our team to work hours that intrude on their home lives or sleeping hours.”

– Sarah Park, Operations Advocate at MeetEdgar



Allan Christensen, COO at Doist - Remote Dev Teams GuideWe do not place any geographical preferences on any job position that we publish (especially developers). The only parameters that we occasionally require are on our customer support positions for which we usually need bilingual team members.

As an example, we recently hired a Bilingual Japanese/English Customer Supporter and though he speaks Japanese, he lives in Costa Rica (same for our French Customer Supporter– he currently lives in Bali).”

Allan Christensen, COO at Doist



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YouTeam’s work process in Lviv, Ukraine office: we help other companies hire remote developers in a week or less.

It’s not about geography. It’s about the quality of a particular talent. The main reason why businesses choose to go remote is that this means access to 100-times bigger talent pool. The talent that perfectly matches your need can be anywhere in the world.”

Yurij Riphyak, Co-founder and CPO of YouTeam

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Ashley Walsh, Formstack - Remote Dev Teams Guide

“At Formstack and as a remote company, we believe the best talent can’t be found in a single location – domestically or internationally. So, we open our jobs up to anyone, anywhere.

As long as international team members can work a bit of an overlapping schedule to communicate with their stateside team members, we don’t focus on where they call “home”. We just want to work with really talented people that are excited about the work they get to do and who they get to work with.

Through our strong team member referral program, we’ve built a small team of really talented Developers in Poland. However, we didn’t set out with any intention to target Polish developers.

Internationally we also have teammates in the Netherlands, UK, Canada, and Spain.”

Ashley Walsh, Formstack

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