High-Performance Apps You Never Knew Were Hybrid

The Mobile industry continues to provide the world with fresh powerful software. The variety of tools for the development of mobile apps is rapidly growing, in recent years. Currently, there are three major approaches to creating high-performance mobile apps:

  • Web,
  • Native,
  • Hybrid.

Each of them possesses unique features, pros and cons, but all three of them are aimed at creating software solutions for mobile devices although in different ways.

Native and web apps already had earned secured established positions on the market when a Hybrid newcomer appeared. There are still lots of discussions around the usage of Hybrid applications. Nevertheless, due to the great capabilities of this approach, lots of popular high-performance apps have been developed.

Hybrid Apps: where to start with?

A Hybrid development, as it comes even from its name, combines features of the web and native development approaches.

In essence, a Hybrid app is a web application built using HTML5 and JavaScript. The features of the Native platform in these applications are achieved with the help of a special container app that wraps the developed software in. There are different kinds of useful frameworks out there such as Ionic, Sencha, PhoneGap, etc. that play the role of the container.

The history of Hybrid apps shows that only a few years ago this type of application had been considered to be too slow and of low performance. But since those times, a great bunch of software experts all around the planet has dedicated their skills to the improvement of Hybrid tools. Lately, many of the most popular brands and companies switched to Hybrid as well. Probably, you haven’t even imagined that so many companies follow this trend! So let’s take a look at the top Hybrid apps examples.


High-performance Hybrid Apps you use every day

Below, we provide examples of hybrid applications which amaze customers with their great performance, interface, and functionality.


One of the greatest proofs that the Hybrid approach is reliable and can be successful is that Twitter social app is Hybrid in nature. This shows also to what extent huge amounts of traffic can be handled by Hybrid apps.


Here we come to one of the most popular and well-known representatives of Hybrids. Gmail is a perfect example of how harmoniously Native and Web features can be combined to create an amazing app of daily professional and personal life routine.

App Store & iBooks

Apple’s App Store and iBooks use only some of the Native elements like Search or Bottom Navigation, but in general they are built using the Hybrid approach.


The hybrid approach allows Instagram to support the data in the offline mode and process tons of media. By the way, Facebook that bought Instagram is still Native.  


Users still believe that their Evernote software assistant is a Native app. Of course, its seamless performance and great usability are so impeccable on any type of device that doubts may appear. But nevertheless, Evernote is a Hybrid app too.


A very vivid example of a popular high-performance Hybrid mobile app is the cryptocurrency tracker mobile app – Cryptochange. This prominent app keeps track of the top 100 most popular cryptocurrencies, provides bits of the development history of some cryptos, and you can even buy digital currency there.   


JustWatch is, basically, a search engine for online video streams. You can search movies and TV shows via the app. It supports a bunch of popular streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, etc. The performance is impeccable at that.


This popular check-in mobile app managed to gain great deal of popularity among its users. And this is yet another Hybrid app that shows great performance while being a great social tool for discovering cool new places to dine out at or have a beer.

High-performance Hybrid apps: the bottom line

Software developers around the globe wouldn’t miss the opportunity to use the Hybrid approach in their creations to ultimately boost performance. That’s why Hybrid mobile apps are so popular nowadays.

There are many different projects of various complexity that might still be better implemented using Web or Native development approach. But right now, the mobile development industry earnestly boasts Hybrid as the most preferred, powerful concept.

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