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A Fact Sheet to Learn Before Hiring an AngularJS Developer

It is no news that a vast number of businesses need to hire developers for different web development projects. Nowadays, the working environment is rapidly changing. According to a survey conducted by Wrike, more than 80% of the respondents spend more than an hour working remotely. Likewise, the state of remote collaboration is becoming stronger, especially amongst software engineers. 

For this reason, many organizations hire developers remotely to help them deal with large or small development issues with their websites and applications, technological platforms, software products, etc. 

Thus, if you need to hire an AngularJS developer, you are not limited to your local talent pool anymore. In fact, AngularJS is one of the most well-known JavaScript frameworks for front-end development [don’t mix up with Angular 2 written on Typescript]. However, when it comes to middle and senior developers, it could be challenging to find available professionals and you need to fight for them.

For this reason, this article will explore all the helpful parameters you can take into account before hiring an AngularJS engineer. Let’s start by exploring the main reasons why the Angular framework is so popular and how this can affect your hiring.

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Can AngularJS Popularity Affect Your Chances to Hire a Senior Developer?

AngularJS is mainly used in developing single-page applications. It is built as an open-source, structural framework for dynamic web applications and offers an excellent way for developers to bind data to HTML elements. Developers can build Angular applications with standard CSS, but not limited to, they can also use any modern stylesheet processors. 

For all these reasons, this is the most popular framework amongst developers. According to a 2020 research by HackerRank, AngularJS is the best-known framework and ranks first for more than three years. 

It becomes evident that although frameworks like React, Django, and Vue.js have shown steady growth, AngularJS is still the most widely known JavaScript framework. Angular is definitely harder to master when it comes to architecture (API) than Vue, for example. Nevertheless, AngularJS is still the second framework after React that developers plan on learning next (27.6%). 

AngularJS is one of the technologies forming one of the most popular tech stacks, MEAN (MongoDB – Express – Angular.js – Node.js), used for full-stack application development.

Yet, what does this have to do with your upcoming hiring process? Well, the framework’s popularity results in an enormous demand for top-tier AngularJS developers. As a result, finding the best professional has become more challenging than ever before. Thankfully, the rise of remote working amongst other parameters will help you find senior AngularJS developers.

In-house hiring in the USStaff augmentation via YouTeamFreelance contractor on Upwork
Average monthly payment to Senior AngularJS Developer$9,250$8,272$5,474
Extra costs for the companyTaxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and supportNo commissionUpwork commission
Hiring costsHR costs, job promotional adsYouTeam does candidates’ sourcing and assists with interviews for freeManagers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Source: Glassdoor, YouTeam, Upwork

Let’s start by exploring the AngularJS salaries around the world and find out how this information can help your hiring process.

What is the Average Salary of an AngularJS Developer Worldwide?

Due to the appearance of remote collaboration, it is essential to examine the salary differences worldwide. In fact, there are chaotic differences when it comes to developers’ income, depending on their location. Exploring these differences will help you understand the market and make a smart choice when hiring professional AngularJS developers.

Note that knowing the average salaries is very important to showcase the vast differences between countries. Still, all professional AngularJS engineers with years of experience and good English have at least two times higher income than the average salary. 

Average AngularJS Developers Salary in North and Latin America

AngularJS engineers based in the US have the highest average salaries around the world. This statistic doesn’t only apply to the engineers who master AngularJS but to all categories of back-end and front-end developers. This results from many parameters, like the demand, the living cost, the country’s base income, etc. 

According to Glassdoor, in 2021, the national average salary for AngularJS engineers in the US is approximately $90K. The situation in Latin American countries is entirely different. Due to the lower base income, the lower living cost, and other parameters, an AngularJS developer in Mexico earns around $17K per year. 

Average AngularJS Software Engineer Salary in Europe

As with North and Latin America, Europe has noticeable salary differences between different countries. Most developers located in Western European countries have higher incomes than those located in the Eastern part of the continent. 

To be more precise, software engineers in the UK earn approximately $60K per year. Accordingly, AngularJS developers in Germany have an average salary of $61K. Even though those average incomes don’t approach the US standards, it becomes evident that Western Europe has a high hourly rate. 

However, the average income in countries on the other side of Europe is noticeably lower. For instance, a Ukrainian developer has an average income of approximately $29K per year. Similarly, an AngularJS developer in Bulgaria earns around $23K per year. As with the US, keep in mind that a senior AngularJS developer earns a few times more than an average engineer. 

Average AngularJS Programmer Salary in Africa and Asia

As with countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe, Asian and African countries have relatively low average salaries. In fact, AngularJS developers in India earn around $8K per year. In Africa and countries like Egypt, software engineers have an average salary of $13K.

How Can Salary Information Benefit Your Business? 

It becomes evident that there are vast differences between AngularJS salaries worldwide. There are different ways to help you utilize this information during your hiring process. 

For example, hiring remotely is a smart solution. Since the web and app development industry is changing, your company has no reason to stay behind. In fact, many businesses located in the US and Western Europe choose to get their web services remotely through innovative methods like staff augmentation. 

Therefore, this kind of hiring is a new approach if you need to hire a senior AngularJS developer, but you can’t afford a development team based in the US. Let’s dive deeper into the different team extension solutions provided nowadays. 

Hiring an Angular App Developer: The Different Hiring Solutions

As mentioned above, during the last few years, many different hiring methods have appeared. Based on parameters like geography and type of employment, nowadays, you can find the best AngularJS developer and adjust your cooperation to your company’s needs. 

Although different hiring or engagement models are available, you need to explore each solution’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start by exploring the different hiring approaches your business has based on geography.  

Hiring an AngularJS Developer: Solutions Based on Geography

When it comes to hiring an AngularJS engineer, you have three different options based on geography: you can hire local talent, a nearshore engineer, or an offshore developer/ dev team

Hiring a Local Talent

This is the traditional hiring model, well-known amongst all companies for many years. If you want to hire a local AngularJS engineer, there are some places to look for. Online job boards like and have proven to be an efficient solution for most businesses.

Of course, hiring through tech events like hackathons or tech conferences is also a brilliant idea to attract local talents. Unfortunately, most offline tech conferences are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last but not least, your HR services and headhunting companies are also reliable ways to find local AngularJS engineers. 

Hiring Nearshore and Offshore Developers

Apart from the traditional model of local hiring, you also can hire nearshore or offshore software engineers. If you choose to expand your reach and hire nearshore or offshore AngularJS developers for your project, you are no longer limited to the local pool. But how can you do so, and what is the best way to hire from unfamiliar geo?

Most businesses choose to hire AngularJS developers with a great reputation. Thankfully, many review online platforms can help you find the best developers. Likewise, platforms like Clutch and G2 are the best way to ensure that the engineer or software development team you choose will have the skills required for the project and can deliver quality code. 

Finally, when it comes to attracting nearshore developers, you can also participate in regional tech conferences or hackathons. Among the most remarkable Angular conferences, we can mention NG Conf.

Hiring an AngularJS Framework Developer: Solutions Based on Employment Type

As long as you decide what solution you choose based on geography (local talent, nearshore developer, or offshore developer), it is time to choose what is the most suitable type of employment for your next AngularJS task. Adjusting the employment type to your business’s needs is crucial for the cooperation to be successful. Nowadays, there are four well-known employment types: in-house development, staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing. 

In-house Development

The in-house development requires you to hire a candidate and add to your company’s staff under an employment contract. In this way, you can add a top-tier local AngularJS engineer to your permanent development team. This is the most traditional employment type and a great model for those who want to create a primary team of engineers to work from the company’s office. If you want to hire an in-house developer, you can do it by searching on the local talent market (see above). 

On the flip side, finding this person isn’t easy or affordable. In fact, if you choose to hire in-house AngularJS engineers, you have to pay all the financial and non-financial benefits that accompany their salary. For this reason, this isn’t an ideal solution for part-time issues and temporary projects. Most large companies are hiring from all over the world if the position does not require a physical presence in a particular city. 

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an innovative hiring model and a relatively new employment type. In staff augmentation, you don’t have to find and select the web developers yourself. All you have to do is approach a development company that has already vetted top-tier developers. Likewise, if you want to hire an AngularJS developer for a specific period, this partner will find the best professionals for your project and allow you to host interviews with them. 

Once you decide which is the best fit for your project requirements, the developer will become a full-time team member. Thus, this AngularJS engineer will be part of your team, even though they are still present in another country and legally hired by another company, your development contractor. When it comes to development contractors, we recommend hiring via our YouTeam platform. 

YouTeam partners with numerous trusted dev shops that offer their engineering resources through our marketplace. As explained above, this is a safe way to quickly and easily hire top Angular developers. Our vetted developers are top-tier and located in the most convenient geos in terms of time difference: Latin America and Eastern Europe. 

Minimal RateMaximal RateAverage Rate
Junior AngularJS Developer$20$50$34
Middle AngularJS Developer$21$86$41
Senior AngularJS Developer$24$184$47

Source: YouTeam

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That being said, this model is a smart alternative to local hiring. So if you want one or more dedicated AngularJS developers to work on your project temporarily, staff augmentation is the best hiring model. 


Staff augmentation isn’t the only way to temporarily hire an AngularJS developer for a project. Hiring a freelancer allows you to handle a few minor features, fix some AngularJS development bugs, etc. 

The main advantage of this hiring model is that freelancers are paid only after the task is finished. Also, due to the high competition on freelance platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Freelancer, this employment type is usually the most cost-effective.

On the flip side, freelancing is not the safest hiring model. In fact, many businesses have complained about submission delays or project cancellations. For this reason, this is a great choice for small development tasks and minor projects.


Choosing to get the development services via outsourcing is similar to staff augmentation. As with staff augmentation, you can choose a partner like YouTeam and host the final interviews. So, what is the difference between those two employment types? 

Unlike staff augmentation, outsourcing is when you hire a dedicated team of front-end and back-end developers, designers, and QA engineers. Moreover, with outsourcing, you even hire a manager to handle your project management and your dedicated team.

Thus, outsourcing is the best model for those who need a whole development team and a project manager who will help with the management of this team and solving technical issues. As a result, this is an excellent solution if you want to quickly complete an AngularJS project without getting involved. 

On the flip side, the disadvantage of this model is quite typical, the cost. To be more precise, many outsourcing companies try to upsell more professionals than you need (like Junior developers or project managers).

Where to Find Angular Developers: Job Boards and Communities

Comparing AngularJS Developers Expertise: the U.S vs Europe vs Asia

Now that we have analyzed all the employment types and the different hiring models you can choose from, it is essential to compare the expertise of AngularJS developers in different countries. 

Many companies are afraid to hire engineers from countries like Ukraine, Mexico, India, etc. But should this fear exist? Well, to answer this reasonable question, we found that developers from countries like Ukraine are in many cases even better than engineers located in the US.

According to a recent challenge organized by HackerRank, developers from the US ranked 28th across all challenges. On the flip side, Ukrainian engineers ranked 11th with a great score of 88,7%. Thus, when it comes to hard skills, Ukraine has proved that it provides great professionals to the global IT marketplace. 

Still, is that the only parameter you should consider when hiring an AngularJS developer? Of course not, since other vital parameters should be considered, like English proficiency and time convenience. We have created the table below, where we compare all those parameters between the US, Ukraine, and India.

The USUkraineIndia
AngularJS Yearly Salary$90K$40K$28K
Time ConveniencePerfect for the Americas.Real-time collaboration with Western European countries and ½ day overlap with the US. A big time differences between European countries and the US. Suitable for Australia.
English ProficiencyNative Intermediate to High level of EnglishBasic to High level of English
SkillsRanked at 28 placeRanked at 11 placeRanked at 31 place

Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing an AngularJS Engineer

In every employment type and hiring model we explored in this article, there is a common stage. You are the one who should interview the AngularJS developer. Whether they are applicants for an in-house position or pre-vetted outsourcing engineers, they should pass through your interview. 

So how can you ensure you will hire the right person for your project? There are two categories of questions you should ask your AngularJS interviewees:

  • Hard skills: As with every interview, verifying your candidate’s hard skills is the first step to ensure they are a good match for your company. After asking about their previous work experience, you should ask some questions about Angular. Asking both general questions (i.e., AngularJS features, improving the user interface and user experience via Angular apps, etc.) and more technical ones (about functionality, data binding, Angular CLI, etc.) is the best way to go. 

When it comes to verifying a candidate’s hard skills, you can also check this directory of more than 270 questions for an Angular interview on GitHub.

  • Soft skills: Of course, verifying a candidate’s hard skills isn’t the only thing you should consider before hiring them. After verifying their skillset, you should always make sure they are a great cultural fit for your company. Don’t forget that, no matter how professional an engineer may appear, you should always hire people who love what they do and are great team players. 

Make sure to check our list of questions for a soft-skills interview.

Why is YouTeam the Best Partner to Help You Hire Angular Developers?

For most startups and large companies, staff augmentation is an ideal solution for flexible hiring models. If you need to temporarily hire an AngularJS developer through an ultimately flexible outsourced plan, YouTeam is the best partner to help you do that:

  • Unlimited options: YouTeam marketplace helps you find the best engineers and dev teams in no time. Our company has the best developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America. 
  • Sourcing candidates: YouTeam needs only up to 48 hours to find you the best developers for your project, which is fast!
  • Hire top-tier developers: Although our vetted engineers are not freelancers, the YouTeam platform allows you to have the final choice regarding your rapid staff augmentation. Thus, we allow you to host interviews with as many developers as you need. In this way, you can check their skill sets and find the best engineer for your business.
  • No hidden costs for our clients: When you choose to hire a Vue.js developer through YouTeam, the sourcing and interview process is entirely risk-free. Each developer’s hourly rate is stated in their profile and is final — nothing to be added to it.
  • Good reviews from previous clients: By exploring our platform, you will easily find out why YouTeam is the best choice. Our clients fully trust our vetting process and choose to stay with YouTeam after trying our matching service.


It becomes evident throughout this article that Angular is by far the most popular framework on the market for web apps development. Because of that, hiring a senior AngularJS developer has become challenging. For this reason, we explored all the solutions you have when it comes to hiring software developers:

  • In-house hiring
  • Working with a freelance contractor
  • Choosing staff augmentation
  • Getting a dedicated development team through outsourcing 

We then analyzed why each employment type is ideal for specific needs and projects. All hiring models can be applied in different countries. Therefore there are also such types of hiring as local, nearshore, and offshore. Still, in our opinion, staff augmentation is the future. With staff augmentation, you gain the flexibility of working with contractors and the reliability of hiring a full-time dedicated employee at the same time.

Afterward, we concluded that hiring a top-tier outsourced developer from countries like Ukraine (offshore countries) is the most ingenious solution. In fact, the market’s competition here is not as big as in the USA, and the cost of living (and salaries) is significantly lower.

Finally, we explored why YouTeam is the best marketplace for hiring via staff augmentation. The main reasons are the platform’s vast number of vetted professionals, the numerous positive reviews, and the flexibility it provides.

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