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What You Should Know Before Hiring a C++ Developer in 2023

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages in 2023. According to a 2023 HackerRank study, C++ is the fourth most popular language, after Java, Python, and SQL.

As a free-form, general-purpose programming language, C++ is an extended version of C. Thus, with C++, an engineer can develop operating systems, browsers, games, etc.

The figure below reveals that C++ is among the top three programming languages software developers prefer when they have multiple options.

top programming languages
Source: HackerRank

The language is used by colossal companies like Adobe, Facebook, and Amazon.

The popularity and irreplaceability of the language lead to a huge demand for professional C++ engineers. Thus, if you are looking to hire a C++ developer, know that you are not the only one. Hiring a C++ professional has become more challenging in the current situation of the overheated IT job market. In the table below, we collected the present rates on C++ development, but the truth is that they can keep growing under the rising demand for senior developers.

In-house hiring in the USStaff augmentation via YouTeamFreelance contractor on Upwork
Average monthly payment to Senior C++ Developer$14,000$9,000$11,000
Extra costs for the companyTaxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and supportYouTeam commissionUpwork commission
Hiring costsHR costs, job promotional adsYouTeam does candidates’ sourcing and assists with interviews for freeManagers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Sources: Glassdoor, YouTeam, Upwork

This study will analyze parameters like the average salaries of C++ developers worldwide and innovative hiring models.

What is the Average Salary of C++ Developers Worldwide?

Before hiring a professional C++ developer for your company, you can first explore the market and find out about certain parameters.

For example, one crucial parameter that you should consider is the huge salary differences depending on the country of the C++ developer.

Hire C++ developers

Average C++ Developer Salary in North and Latin America

First of all, it is crucial to keep in mind that all top-tier C++ engineers with years of experience have an income at least twice as high as the average salaries worldwide.

As with most front-end and back-end engineers, C++ professionals based in the US have the highest average income worldwide. This occurs because of numerous variables: the country’s base income, living cost, and demand. More precisely, the US national average salary for C++ developers in 2023 is around $108K per year.

On the other hand, developers based in Latin American countries have a lower base income. In fact, countries located in Latin America have a much lower cost of living than the US. As a result, a C++ engineer in Mexico has an average salary of $51K per year.

CountryJunior C++ developer, $Middle C++ developer, $Senior C++ developer, $
Costa Rica$31,000$54,000$81,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average C++ Programmer Salary in Europe

The same situation with big differences applies to European countries. Like the US, the countries found in Western Europe have some of the highest average salaries in the world. For example, C++ engineers in Germany earn around $69K per year. Likewise, the UK offers an average yearly salary of $69K.

Nevertheless, the situation is different when it comes to countries located in Eastern Europe. To be more precise, a programmer located in Bulgaria earns around $50K per year.

Similarly, a Ukrainian engineer has an average salary of $41K. Again, keep in mind that a senior C++ engineer earns a few times more than an average salary.

CountryJunior C++ developer, $Middle C++ developer, $Senior C++ developer, $
The UK$45,000$59,000$81,000
Czech Republic$25,000$56,000$85,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

Average C++ Developer Salary in Africa and Asia

As with Latina American and Eastern European developers, the C++ engineers in Africa and Asia have lower average salaries than the US. An average C++ salary in Egypt is around $32K per year. Comparably, a person working as a C++ engineer in Bangalore, India, earns around $17K per year.

CountryJunior C++ developer, $Middle C++ developer, $Senior C++ developer, $
South Africa$23,000$44,000$88,000

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale

How Can Knowing the Average Salaries Benefit Your Hiring Process?

After analyzing global income disparities, you need to use this information in your hiring process. Different hiring models can help you take advantage of these differences.

For example, you may decide to use a remote hiring model. According to research conducted by Wrike, working remotely has become extremely popular, which can be termed the future. But what do global C++ salary disparities have to do with it?

If you want to hire a C++ developer but can’t afford a US software development team, you can hire C++ engineers remotely. Many new approaches, like staff augmentation, help you hire remotely from countries around the world.

Let’s dive deeper into the different team extension models you can use nowadays.

Hiring C++ Developers: What Are the Different Hiring Options?

As already mentioned, numerous new hiring models help you adapt your cooperation with a software developer to your needs. There are different hiring options based on parameters like geography and type of employment.

Likewise, by getting to know each one, you will be able to identify the one most suitable to your company’s desktop or app development needs. Since each hiring option has pros and cons, let’s explore them separately.

Hiring a C++ Developer: Solutions Based on Geography

If you want to hire a C++ engineer, you have three different hiring solutions influenced by geography: local talents, nearshore programmers, and offshore developers/ dev teams.

Hiring a Local Talent

Hiring local talent doesn’t need any introduction. This is the traditional hiring model, where you hire a C++ engineer for your company by searching in your local pool of talents. For this type of hiring, most companies prefer to find their candidates from online job boards like Glassdoor.com and Angel.co.

Although boards are an efficient way to seek local talents, it is not the only one. Your HR services and headhunting companies are also clever ways to find a high-quality C++ engineer locally. Apart from that, local tech conferences and hackathons are also brilliant ideas to attract C++ developers.

However, most offline conferences are canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hiring Nearshore and Offshore Programmers

Thankfully, hiring locally isn’t the only option you have anymore. To be more precise, the market also allows you to hire nearshore or offshore talents. By doing so, you are no longer limited to hiring a C++ developer from your local market. Still, how can you find a reliable engineer from unfamiliar geo, and what is the best way to do it?

Finding a C++ developer with great reviews is the smartest way to ensure that the nearshore or offshore talents you hire are reliable. For this reason, most businesses check a development company’s reputation via online review platforms like G2 and Clutch. Those platforms allow you to find developers with the skill set you require.

If you are only interested in hiring nearshore developers, you can also host or join regional tech conferences or hackathons.

The best international C++ conferences:

You can also check this curated list of C++ conferences worldwide.

Hiring a C++ Programmer: Approaches Based on Employment Type

Apart from the solutions you have based on geography, there are different types of employment for you to choose from. Finding the most suitable employment type for your upcoming C++ task is crucial. You have four options when it comes to selecting the best employment type for your needs: in-house development, staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing.

In-house Development

In-house development is a long-established employment type. By hiring in-house C++ engineers, you create a permanent employment contract for one or more candidates. Likewise, you add a professional C++ programmer to your in-house development team.

If you need to create a primary development team to work from your office, in-house development is the best solution. Searching in the local pool of talents via the solutions mentioned above is the best way to hire an in-house C++ engineer.

Although this is a reliable and safe approach, in-house development has specific cons. Firstly, hiring a top-tier C++ engineer locally isn’t easy or affordable.

By employing a permanent, in-house developer, you have to pay a monthly salary and all the financial and non-financial benefits that accompany it. As a result, this isn’t an ideal option for those who need to settle temporary C++ development tasks.

Thus, if you don’t require your engineer to have a physical presence in a particular city permanently, there are more suitable hiring models than in-house development.

Staff Augmentation

Unlike in-house development services, staff augmentation, is a relatively new hiring type.

To be more precise, with staff augmentation, you don’t have to find and select the developers yourself. This approach allows you to find a development company that has already vetted top-tier developers.

Accordingly, this partner will find the best professionals for your project and allow you to host interviews with them.

For this reason, this is an excellent approach for those who want to hire a C++ engineer for a specific period. Staff augmentation helps you choose a top-tier C++ engineer who is (in most cases) located in another country and legally employed by another company.

Once you decide which is the best candidate for your project, the developer will become a full-time dev team member.

When it comes to development contractors, we recommend hiring via our YouTeam platform. YouTeam partners with numerous trusted dev shops that offer their engineering resources through our marketplace. Our vetted developers are professionals located in Latin America and Europe.

Minimal RateMaximal RateAverage Rate
Junior C++ Developer$20$50$33
Middle C++ Developer$35$77$43
Senior C++ Developer$35$240$55

Source: YouTeam

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In a few words, staff augmentation is a brilliant alternative to local hiring. Thus, if you want one or more dedicated C++ developers to work on your project temporarily, staff augmentation is the best hiring option.


As with staff augmentation, hiring a freelancer allows you to hire a C++ developer temporarily. Freelancing is a great hiring option, ideal for handling minor features, fixing some C++ application development or web development bugs, etc.

Freelancing’s main benefit is that C++ developers are paid after the job is finished. Also, freelancing platforms like Toptal, Upwork, and Freelancer, usually have extremely high competition. For this reason, this employment type is the most cost-effective.

When it comes to disadvantages, freelancing is not the safest hiring model. Many companies complain about submission delays and project cancellations.

Therefore, freelancing is usually favored for short-term C++ development tasks and minor problem-solving.


Outsourcing is comparable to staff augmentation. Likewise, with outsourcing, you also choose a development contractor that will find you needed talent and help to set up the team.

Still, outsourcing is different from staff augmentation. Hiring through outsourcing allows you to hire a completely dedicated team of frontend and backend developers, designers, and QA engineers.

In fact, with outsourcing, you also hire a manager to handle your project management and your dev team.

Thus, this is a brilliant option if you need a whole development team for a project and someone to help you with the project’s management. If you don’t want to get involved in your upcoming C++ project, this is the best way to go.

On the flip side, outsourcing development companies try to upsell more professionals than you need (like Junior developers or project managers). Thus, outsourcing has a typical disadvantage: cost.

Comparing C++ Developers Skill Set: the US vs. Europe vs. Asia

As mentioned above, some startups and big companies are afraid to hire engineers from unfamiliar geos like Ukraine or Mexico. Still, recent studies indicate that developers from those countries have similar (if not better) skill sets with engineers located in the US.

According to a HackerRank study, developers from the US ranked 28th across all development challenges. On the flip side, Ukrainian engineers ranked 11th with an impressive score (88,7%). Correspondingly, Ukraine has proved that it provides top-tier developers when it comes to computer science skills.

Still, this isn’t the only parameter you should consider when hiring a C++ programmer. English proficiency and time convenience are also crucial for your hiring process.

For this reason, we generated the table below to compare parameters between the US, Ukraine, and India.

The USUkraineIndia
C++ Yearly Salary$108K$41K$17K
Time ConveniencePerfect for the Americas.Real-time collaboration with Western European countries and ½ day overlap with the US. Big time differences between European countries and the US. Suitable for Australia.
English ProficiencyNative Intermediate to High level of EnglishBasic to High level of English
SkillsRanked at 28th placeRanked at 11th placeRanked at 31st place

Where to Find C++ Developers?

Apart from general methods and hiring platforms that we discovered earlier, it makes total sense to look for C++ engineers in specialized listings, websites, and communities. Here is our selection:

Interviewing a C++ Developer: Must-Ask Questions

No matter which employment type you choose, your company is responsible for hosting an interview with each candidate. If you want to ensure that you hire the best C++ programmer, there are two categories of questions you should ask:

Hard skills: Verifying a developer’s hard skills is a crucial step. This is the most direct way to ensure they are perfect for your goals and needs. You can start by asking about their work experience. Then, you can ask relevant questions about the C++ programming language. Try asking general questions (i.e., C++ features and algorithms, C++ operating systems, online C++ compiler, etc.) and technical ones (Html and CSS functionality, data structures, debugging, SQL using C++, Agile for Embedded C++, etc.).

Alternatively, you can check this directory of more than 200 questions and answers for a C++ interview on GitHub.

Soft skills: Of course, verifying a candidate’s hard skills is only the first step. After verifying a candidate’s skill set, you should make sure they are a great cultural fit for your company. Don’t forget that you should always hire C++ developers who love their job and are good team players.

Make sure to check our list of questions for a soft-skills interview.

Why is YouTeam the Best Partner to Help You Hire C++ Engineers?

It becomes evident throughout this article that staff augmentation is an ideal hiring approach for most companies. Thus, if you need to hire a C++ developer via a flexible outstaffing plan temporarily, YouTeam is simply the best partner to go with.

  • Unlimited options: Our marketplace has access to 50,000 developers from Eastern Europe and Latina America. That allows you to hire top-tier engineers and dev teams quickly. 
  • Sourcing candidates: YouTeam needs only up to 48 hours to find the best matching C++ engineers for your company, which is fast!
  • Hire top-tier developers: Our vetted engineers are not freelancers. Each of them went through the multi-stage hiring process by our partner agencies and additional validation by YouTeam. However, you have the final word regarding your staff augmentation via our platform. YouTeam allows you to host interviews with as many developers as you need. At the same time, we encourage you not to hesitate to hire as soon as you interview a good developer. Senior developers receive a few offers at the same time, so you should secure your choice with an offer.
  • No hidden costs for our clients: When you choose to hire a C++ developer through YouTeam, the sourcing and interview process is entirely free.
  • Good reviews from previous clients: YouTeam clients fully trust the platform’s vetting process and choose to stay with YouTeam after trying our matching service.

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