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Did you realize that people between the ages of 18 and 24 spend nearly 90 hours a month on their smartphone apps? If you are an app developer, you know all too well how important it is to appeal to this demographic.

In order for an app to be wildly successful, it will need to be engaging and reliable. While this may seem like a fairly simple formula for success, developing a unique app can be extremely challenging.

The key to having success as an app developer is using the right tools of the trade. With all of the different apps and software programs out there for app development, selecting the right ones can be difficult.

The following are just some of the tools you need to think about using on your next app development project.

The Power of Jenkins

Are you looking for a way to monitor the execution of repeated jobs within your app? If so, Jenkins is the open source automation server you need to be using.

With this automation engine, you and your team will be able to integrate project changes with ease. The access outputs built into this program make identifying problems within the app much easier as well.

The Jenkins system has a self-contained Java-based program that allows you to run Windows, Mac and Unix operating systems with ease. The easy setup and configuration this program provides will allow you to get up and running in no time. You will also be able to use hundreds of plugins in the Jenkins update center to keep your app running smoothly.

Protect Your Brand Reputation With PagerDuty

If you are looking for an incident management solution for your app, then PagerDuty is a fantastic option. With the help of this app, your team can consistently deliver a great customer experience via a high-performing app.

The last thing you want to do is let a customer complain fall through the cracks, which is where PagerDuty comes in. With its real-time alerts, you can quickly find out about and address customer issues through your app.

Easily Monitor Your App Exceptions With the Help of Loggly

The only way to catch and fix issues within a new app is by continuously monitoring it. With logging exceptions in Java you will be able to stay one step ahead of app problems and outages.

The AppOptics program allows you to optimize server performance, troubleshoot application bottlenecks and analyze your business metrics all from one dashboard. Most app developers want tools that are easy to use and effective, which is why AppOptics is one of the leading monitoring programs on the market.

If you are tired of your app crashing, then now is the time to start monitoring it for issues. Not only will this program help to make your app more reliable, but it will also help you avoid issues with angry users as well.

Secure Your App With the Help of Snort

For years, developers have used Snort to keep hackers out of their apps. This C++-based open source intrusion prevention system is able to analyze app traffic in real-time.

With over 500,000 registered users, there is no denying just how popular and effective this security program is. When using Snort, you can perform protocol analysis with ease. Implementing the use of this program can also help you detect buffer overflows, probes and even OS fingerprinting attempts.

Are you constantly experience app hacks? Downloading Snort can help you make these attacks a thing of the past.

Increase Operational Intelligence With Splunk

The Splunk program is designed to make machine data usable and accessible to app developers. Using this program will allow you to consistently deliver operational intelligence to everyone on your app development team.

With this information, your company can be more competitive, secure and productive. Splunk provides next-gen monitoring and analytics tools. This program is designed to instantly detect patterns, highlight any anomalies and pinpoints the areas that these problems will affect. If you are serious about the health of your app, you can’t afford to be without this program.

Automate Your App’s Infrastructure With Chef

The best way to make your app faster and more consistent is by automating its infrastructure. The Chef tool turns the infrastructure of your app into code. This allows your team to easily and quickly adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business.

Accelerating cloud adoption and managing a wide array of cloud environments will be a breeze when using this helpful program. Rather than letting a lack of app functionality hold you back from substantial business growth, you can embrace the power of the Chef program.

Make Sense of Log Data with Sumo Logic

Analyzing and making sense of log data is essential when trying to keep an app secure. The team at Sumo Logic have developed a program to make this task much easier for app developers. This program combines integrated threat intelligence and security analytics to help users detect and eliminate problems in a hurry.

When using Sumo Logic, you can build, secure and run Azure or Hybrid applications with ease. Sumo Logic will also help you to remove friction from the lifecycle of your app, which will allow it to run like a well-oiled machine.

Logstash Helps You Centralize Your App’s Data

The team at Elastic developed Logstash to help app developers centralize, stash and transform their data. This program ingests data from multiple sources and transforms it into easy to digest stashes.

Having this data will allow you to make changes within your app to make it run and look better. If you are tired of pouring through pages and pages of data, then Logstash is definitely a program you need to invest in. Regardless of where your data comes from, Logstash can ingest it and sort it with ease.

By using the tools mentioned above, you can improve your apps over time. Neglecting to constantly improve the programs you have constructed will usually lead to them becoming cumbersome to use. The money invested in these tools will be worth it considering the increased functionality and reliability they can bring to your apps.

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