Interview Questions Every CTO Has To Ask When Hiring A Remote Software Engineer

Interview Questions Every CTO Has To Ask When Hiring A Remote Software Engineer

The process of hiring a remote software engineer to work on your projects can be difficult, especially if recruitment is not your primary area of expertise. However, it is important for any CTO to be the driving force behind the recruitment process, otherwise, the person selected for the role may not have the required skills, attitude or knowledge.

Here we provide some examples of typical remote interview questions that are advisable for any CTO to ask since they highlight important strengths in potential candidates and also help to weed out those who would not be suitable without wasting too much time.

Note: Of course, there will usually be a much more in-depth and specific section of the interview dedicated to technical questions, but these general questions can be equally important, so it’s essential not to forget these basis CTO interview questions.

What experience do you have working remotely?

An obvious and vital starting point is to establish how much past experience the candidate has of managing themselves and working remotely with employers. This is usually essential for the person to succeed in your role. The extent of the individual’s experience is an important thing for you to understand and keep in mind as the open interview questions are asked.

How do you manage your daily schedule?

Anyone who can effectively work remotely will need to be using systems to keep track of their time and the software development outsourcing services delivered. Ideally, a candidate answering this question would talk about several different methods and distinguish what they use each one for.

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What is your work environment like?

This will provide an interesting insight into how the candidate goes about their work. You might ask them to describe their home office setup, or if they prefer to work with other people in a shared, co-working office or public space, how they manage the possibility of distractions.

How often do you have to prioritise your own tasks?

In almost all remote work, there will be frequent occasions where the engineer is expected to juggle multiple tasks and deal with different people who all need something done urgently. It’s up to them to take control of the situation and prioritise things effectively, so you need to know how they would go about this.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

Depending on people’s personalities, they can react very differently to long periods of remote working. It is inevitable that there will be some downsides, and sometimes working alone with only online communication with colleagues can cause a reduction in productivity. You want to establish that your candidate is capable of self-managing their personal life with their professional duties to maintain a healthy and stable balance.

What are the biggest advantages/disadvantages of remote work for you?

It’s important to understand the person’s perspective on working remotely, so asking them what they consider to be the greatest benefits and the biggest concerns is always good. You will be able to compare different interviewees’ answers to understand their outlooks better and to hire dedicated developers. If the employer and employee share concerns about the same potential problems, these will be easier to manage in the future through collaboration.

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