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Hiring tech talent remotely: 2024 trends

Remote work has made a lot of buzz in 2024. Many people talk about it, many already use its benefits for their companies. With the competition being global, you cannot anymore be limiting your hiring ambitions with your timezone and losing the best talent.

Working remotely is no longer a privilege of senior professionals or just a Millennial generation fad. Stripe has announced that its 5th work hub is going to be remote. Buffer concluded a survey where 99% of respondents mentioned they expect to be doing their work remotely for at least some time in the upcoming years. Companies looking to attract the best tech talent in 2024 will have to expand their geography. However, finding remote software engineers, especially for the first time, might be a challenging and risky task. Here at YouTeam, our mission is to guide fellow startups through the process of building strong remote tech teams of exceptional quality in a non-risky way.

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We’ve analyzed our operational data for the past year and assembled this analysis of the trends of remote developers hiring in 2024. The analysis is built on requests of YouTeam’s customers, most of which are US and UK startups looking for tech talent outside of their location.

The most popular roles hired remotely in 2024

The Full-stack developers got the indisputable leadership among the roles requested by the startups last year — almost 50% of the requests were aiming to fill in this role. These were followed by Front-end developers, who received 29% of requests for remote developers at, and Back-end specialists with 14%.

Most frequently requested tech stack

The top requested technology this year at is React, scoring the 8% of the total requests on the platform. JavaScript, Python, and React Native are coming next, getting 5% each.

Meanwhile, Blockchain, which was among our top requests last year, lost its position and left the top 5.

Seniority level and English knowledge

The request for seniority level was mostly concentrated on Senior specialists – with 76% of requests. The minimum expected level of English was mostly  Intermediate – 80% of YouTeam’s startup clients requested developers with such knowledge.

Average rates of developers 

Average rates may vary depending on a lot of factors like seniority, tech stack, and the country the developer is located in. To give you an overview, the following are the average rates (not sorted by country or technology) set on by 500+ partner companies from Eastern Europe and South America.

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If you are looking for hiring great tech talent but are not ready to spend a fortune on it, remote is something you should most definitely consider. We hope the data on the trends of remote hiring will help you get a better picture of the remote hiring landscape and make your decisions.

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Polina Berkova

Head of Outbound Marketing at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote dev teams.

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