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YouTeam at the LeadDev Conference: Introducing i1, the Future of Developer Vetting

The annual LeadDev London Conference, known for being a key gathering of tech industry management, was a significant platform for our company this year. We firmly believe in fostering a culture that emphasizes the sharing of knowledge, exchanging ideas, and advancing the tech community; hence, we took great pride in sponsoring this event that resonates with these values.

With a turnout exceeding 1,000 participants, the LeadDev stands as a beacon for engineering managers globally. Our company was honored to be represented by a big delegation, led by none other than our Founder, Yurij Riphyak, and our COO, Rita Bodnarchuk.

YouTeam as a sponsor at LeadDev London
YouTeam delegation at LeadDev London 2023

Across two exhilarating days, we dove deep into conversations with engineering managers from diverse sectors. It was an enriching experience to exchange insights with representatives from iconic brands like Skyscanner, Tesco, Zara, American Express, Adobe, BBC, Booking, Bloomberg, Spotify, Alaska Airlines, among others.

Yurij Riphyak, YouTeam Founder, at LeadDev London Conference
Yurij Riphyak, YouTeam Founder. LeadDev London 2023

The crowning moment for our team was the introduction of our newest innovation, ‘i1’. Designed as an AI assistant, i1 promises to transform the hiring framework by creating a bespoke vetting process, tailored to a company’s unique candidate requirements. We believe this is the solution to a challenge many engineering managers face today.

The feedback we received was nothing short of phenomenal. An astounding 77% of the engineering managers believed that i1 could drastically elevate their developer hiring practices. When queried about the standout features of i1 and our company’s service, the responses emphasized:

  • Our intuitive and user-centric interface.
  • A true self-service experience, eradicating the need for continuous sales manager interactions.
  • Unmatched control and customization of the vetting process, a distinct advantage over other hiring platforms.
  • Complete transparency throughout the hiring journey.
  • The privilege of connecting with the finest developer talent from our network of vetted agencies.
  • Detailed vetting reports, featuring video interviews and GitHub profiles of candidates.

Driven by our commitment to evolve and enhance, we’re thrilled to roll out i1 for open beta testing. We believe in its transformative potential and invite the entire tech community to be a part of this revolution. We eagerly await your feedback, intending to further refine i1.

Embark on this transformative journey with us. Explore i1, and together, let’s reshape the future of hiring.

Written by
Svetlana Shevchuk

Digital Marketing Specialist at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote dev teams.

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