Why we are launching on Product Hunt today

Remember, remember 13th of September. We at YouTeam will surely do as today we are launching on Product Hunt.

Lately, it seems that increased popularity of PH led to the majority of discovered projects being far beyond the “unfinished product” stage. It’s definitely not the case with us. We are launching today because we feel super proud and slightly embarrassed about the product (as per the famous Reid Hoffman quote) and very curious about the feedback we will receive from the community. We sort of can’t not launch any more.

I am often asked who is our biggest competitor. Many companies trying to change stale industries will have a similar answer: it’s the status quo. In our case, about a quarter of the whole 20mil+ population of software engineers works in software development outsourcing. Their time and skills are essentially for sale. They can help other businesses (like yours or mine) to build great products or services. Yet, when it comes to finding them and starting the relationship it becomes a huge problem because the outsourcing industry is so fragmented. We have written about why it’s so hard for a startup to find a reliable outsourcing partner here in “Outsourcing sucks?” and discussed a number of solutions to the biggest problems with IT outsourcing. This will give much more insight in the “WHY” part of what we do.

Ultimately, it’s all about transparency and trust. Our company culture can be defined in two words: “No Bullshit”. And that’s exactly what we are trying to give to our customers. Real-time valuable information about clients, suppliers, engineers that will help all of them to have a better relationship and to form world class teams on their path to producing life-changing innovations.

Remember, remember 13th of September! 🙂

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Written by
Anton Mishchenko

Anton Mishchenko is a Co-founder at YouTeam.

From 2011 onwards, Anton has founded a number of tech businesses, including Scen.io – a platform for creating highly customisable event pages. His area of expertise includes tech entrepreneurship and startups, business management, digital marketing, business development, product development, music & media industries.

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