YouTeam launched on Product Hunt. Who else did it on the same day?

We launched on Product Hunt. Who else did it on the same day?

On Wednesday, 13th September, YouTeam was discovered and launched on Product Hunt.

We competed against some great products from amazing startups and world-famous companies like Facebook, Atlassian, Shopify, and Hubspot. In the end, we came second based on the number of upvotes, only conceding to Trello Desktop for Mac.

Below are the Top-10 projects we really love that were launched on the same day as YouTeam. Check them out and if you want to see the full list, visit Product Hunt site.

1. Trello Desktop for Mac

Trello finally comes to the desktop. It’s only taken six years, but the popular project management tool Trello – which was recently acquired by Atlassian – launched its desktop apps for Mac, with the Windows app launching tomorrow. Until now, Trello only lived in the browser and while it worked really well, it also meant that it never quite felt integrated into any workflow that wasn’t browser-based.

Trello Desktop for Mac

2. Bonfire

Bonfire is the long-rumored Houseparty competitor for Facebook. It’s a group video chat app that lets you hang out with your best friends and meet new ones. Open the app to start video chatting instantly. It’s currently only available in the Danish App Store.

Bonfire The new group video chat app from Facebook

3. Cuppa

Cuppa allows teams to take the stress out of the office drink round. Load up the app, start a drink round and your team will be notified that a round has started and are given the chance to add their drinks. After three minutes the app will stop the round and choose the drink maker. The drink maker will be given a handy list of drinks to make.

Cuppa The multi-device office drink round app

4. Shopify Shopcodes

Shopify Shopcodes is a tool that lets you create beautiful QR codes for your products in minutes. Make it easy for your customers to buy products on their smartphones by giving them one easy-to-scan code and track how many people scan your codes and make purchases through Shopify analytics.

5. YouTeam

YouTeam is a marketplace of hundreds of software agencies that share information about engineers working for them, so that you could seamlessly select your contractors and hire them for your project. Simply search for a technology, browse available profiles, book interviews with desired specialists, and meet their agencies in a matter of minutes.

YouTeam A fast and easy way to hire software engineers

6. Stardust

Mobile social app dedicated solely to interactive video discussion of movies, TV, and trailers. Users follow each other and share authentic 3-30 second reactions to everything they’ve seen, including what’s out now, new trailers, and their all-time favorites.

7. YouTube Notch Mode

Youtube Notch Mode is a chrome extension that adds the ugly, black cut out seen at the top of the iPhone X to every Youtube video. Why? Because it’s more beautiful.

Youtube Notch Mode Bring the magic of the iPhone X’s new display to YouTube

8. Asana for iOS 11

Asana is new for iOS 11. With Apple’s advancements for the iPad, Asana for iPad makes the most of the large screen to let you navigate your task list and Inbox with ease. The iPad app takes advantage of iOS 11 so you can drag and drop photos to Asana. *All* iOS users also have new features: VoiceOver, User Profiles, import files, and likes.

Asana for iOS 11 New iPad app, VoiceOver improvements, and more

9. Lumio for iOS

Lumio started as a chrome extension and a web app, now it’s also on iOS. It aims to be a read-later, web clipper, bookmark, and clipboard app, all in one, your all-round digital assistant one day.

Lumio for iOS Break up with bookmarks.png

10. Hubspot startups

The initiative could help email technology startups and other new businesses. Series A startups will receive access to education resources and 50% scholarships for HubSpot’s marketing and sales software.

HubSpot for Startups Get up to 90% off HubSpot sales and marketing software.

So there it is! From recruitment to productivity apps, from entertainment to e-commerce, there were plenty of products worthy of your attention. We hope you enjoy exploring them as well as other great companies found on Product Hunt. Once again, for the full list of products launched on 13th September visit this page.

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Anton Mishchenko

Anton Mishchenko is a Co-founder at YouTeam.

From 2011 onwards, Anton has founded a number of tech businesses, including – a platform for creating highly customisable event pages. His area of expertise includes tech entrepreneurship and startups, business management, digital marketing, business development, product development, music & media industries.

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