Interview with JustCoded on Referral Program for YouTeam Partners

Haven’t got available developers to match your client’s needs straightaway? YouTeam got your back with our Referral Program. Forward a request from your client to us via any communication tool you use and still earn 10% from every invoice paid by your referee. No extra work required, we will keep you updated on your referee’s progress. 

If you’re in doubt whether it is worth trying and recommending us to your clients, read one of our partner’s testimonials to learn more on how it worked out for them.

Alina Seredenko, Business Development Manager at JustCodedAlina Seredenko, Business Development Manager at JustCoded

JustCoded, a web development company with a proven track record at YouTeam, specialises in delivering digital solutions for growing startups in FinTech, Real Estate, Luxury, Travel, Art sectors.

YouTeam: How long has your company been a partner of YouTeam?

Alina: I believe JustCoded has been doing business together with YouTeam since 2017.

YouTeam: First, what has motivated you to refer a client to YouTeam?

Alina: We’ve had a great discussion regarding the business idea and the project itself with the client, however, the provided solution was out of the desired budget. Since we’ve already built some rapport, I wanted to assist as much as possible. Considering the diverse network of engineers with different levels of experience, skills and rates, listed at the platform, I decided to approach YouTeam.

YouTeam: How did you know your referee?

Alina: The starting point of our partnership was Clutch, where the referee found us and later on decided to reach out.

YouTeam: Please describe the process of sending the request to YouTeam.

Alina: It’s quite simple. All you have to do is to forward a client request to YouTeam. The very first step for us was to get in touch with Val, Team Advisor at YouTeam. After we’ve provided some inputs about the lead as well as the project, I made an introduction via email. After that, YouTeam took over all further communications. As easy as that.

YouTeam: How fast did you receive your first referral bonus?

Alina: Overall, it took 4 months to receive the first payout after the referee was introduced to YouTeam. Although it might seem like a lot of time, we do understand that this timeframe is reasonable. Needless to say, each client comes with unique demands and objectives. Respectively, each project requires a different time to get the job done from A to Z.

YouTeam: Are you planning on referring more clients to YouTeam?

Alina: We will most likely approach YouTeam again in the future. One simply can’t be the right fit for every project. In such situations, being proactive and offering alternatives rather than simply turning down your client’s request pays off in the long run. Besides, you get 10% of the deal that would not have been concluded without YouTeam, which is a nice bonus to have.

YouTeam: Any suggestions on how YouTeam could improve their Referral Program? 

Alina: Since we enjoyed participating in the program, we’d love to see it evolving and getting new features. And, please, keep us updated.

The Bottom Line

Our partners typically make around $700-$6k of referral bonus and the more engineers your referee hires – the bigger the reward grows. 

Refer us to your clients! YouTeam, as a marketplace, offers various solutions suitable for every type of project.

Written by
Galina Divakova

Former Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote dev teams.

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