Coronavirus (COVID-19): YouTeam’s Response

In the first half of 2020, the world has faced the biggest crisis in a decade caused by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. To stop the spread of the disease, many governments have introduced security measures like social distancing, ban on public gatherings, and working from home. As a result, companies began to transition their employees to remote work as fast as possible and try to adapt to a different style of working within a matter of weeks. In this panic-free guide on transitioning to remote work for tech companies, we shared tips, tools, and inspirational examples to help other businesses and startups efficiently and quickly switch to remote work.

If you are willing to dig deeper into the world of remote working and learn about all the aspects of working from home – the ultimate guide to remote work is the place to benefit from YouTeam’s experience the most. The gem of this guide is our collection of interviews with the remote-only companies like GitLab, Zapier, and Product Hunt. 

Of course, it is hard to imagine remote work without collaboration tools that help us communicate clearly and be more productive. Even small businesses in the tech industry rely on at least 100 licensed applications, and almost all of them are essential for remote workers. Here you can access the biggest directory on the web with services offering deals and discounts amid coronavirus that we put together. Although most of the offers are no longer active, you can still use the directory as an opportunity to discover new SaaS.

For those companies, which fought or are still fighting against COVID-19, YouTeam prepared a special offer – a list of our partners, Ukrainian software agencies, that are ready to provide free development help to COVID fighting businesses. All you need is to provide brief details about your project, and volunteers will contact you back shortly.

Finally, as we all had a good reason to be stressed, we created Quarantine Bingo as a response to the situation in the world. The game was our attempt to cope with negativity with a little help of humor and try to keep our readers entertained for some time during self-isolation.

Written by
Viktoriia Horbunova

Viktoriia is a digital marketing specialist at YouTeam, Y Combinator-backed platform for building remote dev teams.

Viktoriia's areas of interest include content production, market research, and tech entrepreneurship.

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