Hire Software Developers Without Risking Product Success, Using These Management Techniques

16 essential risk management tactics: A must-read for companies that hire software engineers

This series of articles aims to raise awareness of what can be done to reduce risks associated with outsourcing app development.

We will focus on a range of measures that you can consider as part of your risk minimization strategy when you are looking to hire software developers within popular offshore and nearshore destinations such as:

It’s not necessary to undertake all the measures we describe. Still, companies that hire software engineers are suggested to implement as many as possible to minimize risks of outsourcing the development of their product! We have organized our suggestions into the following subheadings, please click on the links below for more details:

Title 1: How to screen and vet offshore development companies. Due-diligence checklist.

1. Which screening and vetting services are available online and how to get the most out of them

2. Using your professional circles to shortlist competent and trustworthy firms

3. Verifying the technical level of your developers using Test Assignments

4. Conducting thorough legal background checks before signing on the dotted line

5. Checking the offshore/nearshore working environment before you hire a software engineer

6. What to do if everything truly goes pear-shaped

Title 2: Outsource app development without risk. Ensure quality guarantees are in place.

7. Ensuring Money Back Guarantee in place as your financial safety net

8. Trialing new development firms & diligent Account Management techniques

9. Keeping custody over the codebase

10. Minimising the amount you down payment before the development firm has demonstrated their abilities

11. How to use outsourcing platforms as a free code and payment escrow service

Title 3: Working with a remote software developer: 3 essential tips to avoid confusion

12. Meeting with your assigned developers online (or in-person if you have the means to do so)

13. Ensure you have CTO or Head of Tech on the Client-Side

14. Create high-quality product documentation to avoid confusion

Title 4: Ensuring quality output from your offshore development team.

15. Utilising an independent agency to do the QA

16. Making use of a talent pool of proven & trusted vendors

If you have any questions about hiring a software engineer and implementing any of the above measures for your project, feel free to reach out to me at galina@youteam.io. Happy to provide my best project-specific recommendations.

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Written by
Galina Divakova

Former Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote dev teams.

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