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Web Developer Salary: How Much Do Web Developers Make In 2024?

Web development has become a popular job role over the past few years and is ever-growing in demand. In fact, many companies struggle to find competent web developers to work with them full-time. Another factor to consider is how much you’re willing to spend on their salaries. In the article below, we will be discussing the typical web developer salary in the US and around the world.

Are Web Developers in Demand?

In the modern world, websites have become almost a necessity when you’re running a business. As of now, there are over 1.1 billion websites currently active around the world, and these numbers are rising every minute.

Due to this, the demand for website development is at an all-time high. In fact, in the US alone, recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the demand for web developers is expected to increase by 23% over the next decade. This percentage increase is much higher compared to other job roles.

A web developer can work for any type of business, be it a startup, a mid-sized company, or a large corporation. Since they are not tied down by one or a few industries, the demand is ever-increasing, as any business may require a website.

Web Developer Tasks and Responsibilities

In a general understanding, a web developer is someone who builds and creates World Wide Web applications. However, they are not limited to only doing this job. After the web app or a website (web page) is initially created, each will need to be monitored for improvements and optimization. This means that the web developer will have to control the work of web apps, update website content, improve graphics, and improve the structure of the website from both an SEO and User Experience point of view.

Every business needs to keep a web developer on their payroll to have a website that’s up and running all the time. However, some businesses may find it too costly to keep a developer on board full-time. For this reason, you can find fully remote agencies or solo freelancers who will do the same job for you from their remote locations.

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Types of web developers

Each type of web developer is responsible for different aspects of web development. They usually fall into one of three categories: back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers.

Front-end Web Developers

Front-end web development is referred to as client-side development, where the client is a browser.


Technologies and Tools Used

– Develops behavior and visuals for the client-side of websites and applications.

– Build graphical interfaces using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

– Be familiar with frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, and Bootstrap to ensure responsiveness and speed up development.

– JavaScript, CSS, HTML

– Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap (Frameworks for responsiveness)

– jQuery (Library for HTML document traversal, event handling, and CSS animation)

Back-end Web Developers

The back-end consists of all the behind-the-scenes processes and data that make a website function and send assets to browsers.

Responsibilities Technologies and Tools Used
– Programs the logic to deliver dynamic content to the client.

– Manages security measures for the website or application.

– Handles payment processing functionality.

– Maintains the web server, application server, and database.

– Enables front-end operations, like sending email confirmations after purchase or running complex algorithms for search engine functionality.

– Programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, Ruby)

– Security protocols and encryption methods

– Payment gateways and APIs

– Web servers (e.g., Apache, Nginx), application servers (e.g., Node.js), databases (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB)

– Integration with front-end technologies and APIs

Full-stack Web Developers

Full-stack web developers are responsible for both front-end and back-end development. They can master all the techniques involved in a project, reducing development costs and the time required for team communication. However, being a full-stack developer is becoming increasingly complex, and the solution they choose depends on the developer’s skills and can entail a “key person risk”.

What is Needed to Become a Web Developer?

To become a qualified web developer, there are a few key skill sets they need to master. No formal education in computer science, like a bachelor’s degree, is required. Even after web development courses or boot camps, it’s possible to become a programmer ready for practical tasks. 

These skills are the core of the web development process. There is a client- and a server side of web development. The majority of those who decide to learn web development start their career path by becoming front-end web developers. This is why you will find more entry-level specialists in this field. Therefore front-enders usually earn a bit less than back-end developers. Some front-end developers also master the server-side part to become full-stack web developers. These specialists have the best skillset for working on comprehensive problems and, usually, more years of experience compared to the two previous groups. That’s why these specialists earn the most.

So, the more of these skills a developer has mastered, the more competent they will be.

  1. Programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). These are the core skills you need to build a website. HTML will create the website, CSS will help with adding visual elements to the pages, and JavaScript will make the pages interactive. Many other technologies are used worldwide, but these were the most used languages as of 2023.
  2. Frameworks and Libraries. These are elements that web developers use to simplify the way programming languages are handled. The most popular among these are Bootstrap and jQuery. Bootstrap is used to create mobile-friendly websites, while jQuery is used to reduce the amount of code that JavaScript uses for its tasks.
  3. Using GitHub— This application is used by developers to manage and keep track of all the coding jobs they are working on. If they work for a web development team, then this application can help their team work together and collaborate on these projects.

Now, these are just the average skills that a web developer needs to know to complete a job. There are other skills that more experienced will know, such as back-end programming languages like Python or NodeJS. Knowledge of how to utilize databases should also be a major skill for web engineers. On top of that, if the developer knows how to work with SEO and design software like Illustrator, they will be a great hire.

Here are some of the most in-demand programming languages around the world. Some of the skills you want your full-stack web developer to have should be React.js, Ember.js, Python, Ruby, and ASP.NET Core.

What Is The Average Salary of a Web Developer in the USA?

Just like most other professions, the amount a web developer makes will depend on his/her experience, knowledge, and company they work for. In the US, here is a breakdown of the different salary levels according to Glassdoor, Indeed, and PayScale.

Glassdoor (per year) Indeed (per year)
PayScale (per year)
Junior web developer salary $70,000 $56,000 $52,000
Median web developer salary $83,000 $81,000 $62,000
Senior web developer salary $139,000 $152,000 $84,000

These numbers differ from each other because they represent a salary range from data submitted to each of these platforms. Plus, values can differ because of:

  • Location
  • Company (startup or large corporation)
  • Perks (may be compensated in other ways than money)

As such, these values will give you a range to keep in mind rather than an accurate salary figure when you’re deciding on what salary you’re going to be paying.

The national average salary in the United States that earns web developers is $10,168. This number doesn’t include any benefits of taxes that employers pay. New York and California traditionally have the highest compensation for web developer jobs.

Average Salary Junior Developer Salary
Senior Developer Salary
Los Angeles $90,000 $81,000 $157,000
Massachusetts $84,000 $71,000 $133,000
New York $92,000 $82,000 $159,000
Seattle $100,000 $89,000 $171,000
San Francisco $98,000 $83,000 $162,000
Texas $79,000 $65,000 $124,000
Washington, DC $78,000 $67,000 $131,000

Source: Indeed

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What Is The Average Web Developer Salary Around the World?

As with most professions, the salary paid can differ greatly between countries for the same title. This happens due to the living conditions in the country, cost of living, labor productivity, and other factors. By outsourcing these projects to remote workers in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, US companies experience quite a cost-effective solution.

Here is a breakdown of the base salary paid in 9 different countries around the world where companies in the US outsource their projects.

Junior Salary Median Salary Senior Salary
Ukraine $12,000 $34,000 $60,000
Poland $32,000 $41,000 $63,000
China $23,000 $52,000 $92,000
India $9,000 $15,000 $26,000
Philippines $10,000 $18,000 $32,000
Argentina $14,000 $18,000 $39,000
Brazil $26,000 $32,000 $78,000
Chile $36,000 $39,000 $52,000

Source: Djinni, SalaryExplorer

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Please, note that these salaries can be used as a benchmark if you want to open an R&D office in the country. In other cases of engaging engineers from these countries, you will pay for web development services which already include in their rates costs of renting the office, taxes, financial and non-financial benefits, paid vacations of developers, etc.

Web Developer Salaries by Language

The programming languages you learn are going to determine how much money you can make as well. There are some languages used in web development that pay more than others. The following are the best programming languages that pay the highest salaries:

Programming language Average developer salary, $
Java $125,000
Python $134,000
JavaScript $128,000
C# $135,000
C++ $112,000
SQL $122,000
Rust $131,000
Scala $172,000
Elixir $133,000

Does Working Full Time Or Freelance Impact Your Pay?

Deciding to hire a full-time developer or a freelancer will depend on what you expect from them and the work you need to be done. These are the factors you need to keep in mind:

Full-time employee
Payment You will have to pay their monthly salary with increments after performance reviews.
You will pay their hourly rate or monthly compensation depending on the agreement.
Other financial factors You will have to pay for bonuses, perks, fees, and the cost of keeping them in office.
You are not obligated to pay anything more. Could pay bonuses at your discretion.
Quality of work You can monitor and improve the quality of work you get from in-house developers.
You cannot guarantee the quality of work every time as you will only see the end results.
Commitment You will know for sure that this employee will work only on your projects on company time.
Will most likely be working for multiple clients so their dedication and time will not be spent solely on your projects.

Somewhere in between in-house and freelance hiring models is engineering staff augmentation. It’s a way to quickly extend the dev team with a full-time contractor whose employer of record is an outsourcing company. This allows getting needed expertise fast and with less commitment from the employer’s side.

Here’s how much engaging qualified engineers will cost you with different types of hiring: in-house, freelance, and staff augmentation with YouTeam.

In-house hiring in California, USA Staff augmentation via YouTeam A freelance contractor on Upwork
Average monthly payment to Senior Web Developer $16,157 $9,200 $12,186
Extra costs for the company Taxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and support YouTeam commission Upwork commission
Hiring costs HR costs, job promotional ads YouTeam does candidates’ sourcing and assists with interviews for free Managers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Sources: Glassdoor, YouTeam, Upwork 

In Conclusion

Web developers are an important resource that any company needs. Whether you need a full-time developer or freelancer will depend on the number of projects you have. If you are only working on a couple of projects per month, then a freelancer would be more a valid and cost-effective strategy.

When you’re ready to start hiring that new web developer, here are 25 questions you can ask them to determine if they have the required skills and temperament to work for your company.

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