JavaScript Developer Rates

How much does it cost to hire an offshore JavaScript developer?


Average cost of JavaScript
development (USD)

hourly $ 47.38
monthly $ 7580.8

The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.

Senior JavaScript Developer Rate JavaScript
$ 24 Min
$ 47 Mediana
$ 290 Max
Last update: April 2024

JavaScript Developer Salary vs. Rates on JavaScript Software Development Services: what’s the difference? Our data includes not only salary itself, but bonuses, non-financial benefits, paid vacations, office costs, and taxes for each developer. So you can see the final amount that should be paid for the work of an outsourced senior JavaScript developer.

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37 Best JavaScript Developers For Hire on YouTeam in April 2024

Alvaro Miguel M.

Full-stack Developer with background knowledge in SCRUM Methodology
$8,064 / Month
Finished projects
UTC-04:00 (America/La_Paz)
JavaScript 7 years React.js 5 years Express.js 3 years
Veiw profile

Christian M.

Informatic Engineer, SCRUM Master and IT Coordinator
$6,720 / Month
Finished projects
UTC-04:30 (America/Caracas)
MySQL 8 years JavaScript 5 years Node.js 3 years React.js 2 years
Veiw profile

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Understanding JavaScript as a
programming language

JavaScript has been identified as one of the most popular programming languages in the world of web and software development. It was initially created for web pages to appear more animated and feel more lively. The programs written in this language are called scripts and can be directly written in the HTML or HTML5 version of the webpage so that it automatically runs when the page loads. They are usually executed as plain text and do not require an impressive compilation. While many people seem to confuse between JavaScript and Java, this is the main point of difference here. In the scope of web development, JavaScript has been standardized and is supported inherently by most web browsers. The need for a JavaScript developer has been felt by most app development companies as it was found useful in various aspects, such as:

  • Development in browser extensions like in Chrome or Safari, as well as on web apps.
  • Mobile development with the help of React Native.
  • Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader have used it for PDF files.
  • Google desktop gadgets, Yahoo widgets, Microsoft gadgets, and other web services.

Before you hire a JavaScript developer, it is crucial to know the various types of JavaScript frameworks that exist. The most common ones are as follows:

  • React.js. This is in fact a flexible JavaScript library used to create user interfaces of web and mobile applications. React differs from other frameworks in the sense that it mainly focuses on the UI and does not affect the app design.
  • Angular.js. It is an all inclusive JavaScript framework, with features like XSS protection, routing, state-management, routing, form validation, HTTP module, and so on. This structural framework aids the creation of dynamic web applications.
  • Vue.js. Created in 2013, this framework allows JS developers to build single-page applications and user interfaces. This progressive framework makes room for easy integration into web development projects with the help of other JavaScript libraries.
  • Node.js. This well-scalable framework provides a platform for running JS scripts outside the browser. Execution of the same can be done on the server-side. Node allows JavaScript coders to create back-end applications

Various Types of JavaScript Developers:

  • Front-end developer: A front-end developer needs to understand web design and user experience, and know HTML as well as CSS along with JavaScript. The main job of such a software developer is to make sure that everything looks lucrative and must be able to convert mockups into working into faces.
  • Back-end developer: A back-end developer, on the other hand, is responsible for the various server-side functionalities. While they have to be familiar with databases, working with Node.js is also essential. It is with the help of a back-end engineer that you will be able to write APIs while fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this function.
  • Full-stack developer: For a full-stack engineer, it is essential to understand not only how these databases are going to be stored but also how these can be moved. These JavaScript developers have a broad field of knowledge; however, they may not be experts in specific areas. While you can find absolutely genius for prototyping, it is not wise to hire a primary full-stack developer for building database architecture.

When you hire a JavaScript programmer, you will be able to satisfy various needs in your mobile and web application. From the multiple options provided, you need to go for a JavaScript programmer hire focusing on candidates who are exceptionally proficient in various configurations while showing flexibility and potential in specific domains of JavaScript development as well. In short, a full stack JavaScript developer should be able to develop client as well as server software. Apart from possessing proficiency in HTML and CSS, the person should also know the techniques of programming a browser (using jQuery, JavaScript, Vue or Angular) and server (using Node).

Before you hire a JavaScript developer or coder, it is crucial to know the various types of JavaScript that exist. The most common variations are as follows:

  • Front end — React + Redux: React is a JavaScript library that was composed by Facebook, which is used for managing a graphical user interface.
  • Back-end, which includes Node.js + Express: Node.js is one of the most important JavaScript runtimes that is based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine. This helps in bringing JavaScript from the browser right to the server. It is generally non-blocking and is event-driven. It is used with Express, a fast and effective routing solution that has several middlewares helping you to run almost all applications.
  • Mobile — React Native: This is a solution that helps in building total mobile applications using JavaScript. Applications hence made can be used on both iPhones as well as Android devices and offers some advantages.
  • Database — MongoDB: This is a NoSQL database system that uses various documents with schemas.

Once you understand the need to hire a JavaScript programmer, you should decide whether you want an in-house developer, freelancer, or a dedicated JavaScript developer (full-time or part-time) outsourced from a remote country. There are various pros and cons when it comes to different types of hiring options.

In-house JavaScript developers

The first one is an in-house JS developer. An in-house developer is a huge commitment as a developer like this will cost you the most of all these options. It is simply not effective to hire in-house professionals for a short time because of the long recruitment process and high onboarding costs. When you hire a JavaScript developer in-house, you will also have to bear several overhead costs, such as insurance plans and renting an office.

JavaScript freelance coders

When it comes to JavaScript freelance developers, while they generally agree to associate themselves with relatively short term projects, one difficulty that lies here is that it is complicated to find a JavaScript freelancer without proper reference.

JavaScript outsourced contractors

However, when it comes to outsourcing dedicated developers from offshore countries, you will be able to hire a JavaScript programmer with genuine talent and skill. But, outsourcing JavaScript developers or a development team on your own is hugely time-consuming and may even take months. Herein, the help of professionals comes in handy. With the help of YouTeam, you will be able to find software engineers including JavaScript developers. They have gone through proper vetting and screening from various outsourcing companies in Latin America and Eastern Europe. The process takes less than 48 hours with the help of YouTeam to set up the initial interview.

When you hire a JavaScript programmer, it is important to ask them the correct questions in the interview round. You must ask them all about soft skills as well as hard skills with the help of the following questions for an accurate assessment.

Soft skills assessment

For asking the right questions regarding their soft skills, you can use YouTeam’s solution that has over 150 questions in various domains. There are a plethora of questions in two main fields, that are general personality questions and those required for assessing remote readiness. The subdomains inside these main topics can be mixed and matched to generate items that are relevant to the interview. Some of the questions in the various domains and subdomains are as follows:

  • General Personality Questions:
    • “Getting to know”: “How do you mediate between two people who have opposing views on a topic?”
    • Leadership: “Give an example of an initiative you have taken and completed to fruition.”
    • Time management: “What system to use to prioritize your tasks?”
    • Communication: “How do you communicate with those who are superior to you?”
    • Flexibility: “What personal technique do you employ to handle stress?”
    • Teamwork: “How do you compensate for inefficiency in another member of your team?”
    • Reliability: “Do you have trouble meeting the stipulated deadline?”
    • Creativity: “If you had enough capital to start your own business, what would it be?”
    • Organizational fit: “What are you looking for, concerning company culture?”
  • Assessment of remote readiness:
    • General: “What do you understand by remote work?”
    • Remote time management: “What schedule do you follow for your remote workday?”
    • Remote communication: “How do you plan on establishing communication with your remote team?”
    • Critical thinking: “How do you make a decision? Do you weigh the pros and cons or jump to what seems right at the moment?”

Hard Skills

Some of the most important questions that you must ask to access the hard skills before you hire JavaScript programmers are as follows:

  • Why is it important to wrap the entire content of a JavaScript source file into a functional block?
  • Look at the two functions that have been presented to you. Do you think that they will both return the same thing? Why do you think so? (Present the functions)
  • Can you write a simple function that is less than 160 characters which will return a Boolean indicating whether a string is a palindrome or not?
  • Look at the code that has been presented to you. What will be the output of this? (Present a code).
  • Can you give us an example of what “closure” means in JavaScript?
  • With the help of the code that is provided to you, can you illustrate how the use of closure has benefited you? (Provide a code).
  • Can you figure out what the problem is with this code? Explain how you can fix it. (Provide a code).
  • Can you tell me how to clone an object?
  • Please tell me how you can add an element at the top of an array.
  • How can you add an element at the bottom of an array?
  • What will the output of this code be? (Provide a code).
  • Can you identify cross-browser compatibility issues? Do you know how these can be fixed?
  • Can you give me an example of using a front-end tool like Gulp?
  • Have you used front-end management tools like Bower?
  • What can you tell me about Domain-Driven Design?
  • Can you elucidate the importance of asynchronous programming in JavaScript?
  • What is the difference between object-oriented programming and functional programming?
  • What is AJAX used for?
  • Can you provide me with a list of advantages and disadvantages of monolithic and microservices architectures?

Once you have understood the basics of hiring a JavaScript developer, and have taken a glimpse at the JavaScript programmer salary and hourly rate, it is now time for you to provide the project description that will attract potential developers. You require a good job description as well as a proper job advertisement that will provide all the required specifications to develop an interest in JavaScript experts looking for a job. You need to understand that if the quality of your project description is generic and too ordinary, you will not be able to find advanced JavaScript developers. You are required to make an excellent first impression, as a company looking for a JavaScript freelancer or dedicated JavaScript developers. It is essential for you to sell the job properly so that you are chosen among the other options. When you start writing the job description, here are a few things that you must include:

  • You need to provide an introduction to your company. Make sure to add some interesting facts that will attract potential employees. You need to provide crucial information about the benefits of working in the company as well as the general company culture. Make sure to include remote working hours and possibilities and the other facts that make your company enjoyable.
  • The job description must be informative as well as creative. Make sure that you provide the responsibilities as well as the skills that will be required by the employee in this job position. Make it a point to provide important aspects of the job that have to be considered by the employee before making an application.
  • After this, you will have to list the various responsibilities that are to be undertaken by the potential employee. Make sure to provide the full list of what you look for in the employee.
  • The next important aspect that you must highlight in order to hire top JavaScript developers is a list of the technical skills and qualifications that you expect in the potential employee. Here you must also mention the list of educational and academic certificates and degrees that you are looking for.
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FAQ about Hiring JavaScript Developers

Why hire JavaScript coders with YouTeam?

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages, and the talent pool here is enormous. However, how to define the best programmers, especially if you’re looking to outsource your Javascript projects? YouTeam has already sourced all the talent from the top quality agencies in Latin America and Eastern Europe, and besides the CVs, we’ve got the availability data. We can help you hire one Javascript developer or even a full-time team to start working on your project next week.

How does YouTeam vet Javascript software developers?

Good question. YouTeam handpicks software development agencies with strong Javascript expertise. We make sure engineers we enlist have got a great expertise in Javascript, worked for well-known brands, and have proof of their work. We also make sure agencies are eligible to work with any company in the world. And while we check all things legal and financial, developers are interviewed by YouTeam’s experts and pass an independent test by HackerRank for WorkTM.

How much does it cost to hire best Javascript developers using YouTeam?

As you can see from the information above, YouTeam ensures you get the best rates for top quality Javascript engineers on the market. Outsourcing Javascript development could save a buck for a startup in the stage of finding the product-market fit, and we help them skip months of dev shop research by providing profiles of Javascript developers that we already vetted in 48 hours or less. Moreover, these are profiles of the Javascript developers who can start a new project next week.

Where YouTeam JavaScript engineers are located?

JavaScript coders we list are based in Latin America or Eastern Europe, whatever works best for your time zone.

How is YouTeam different from freelancer portals?

We’re not offering freelance Javascript developers, we offer a fast and safe way to source and hire talented Javascript engineers from top outsourcing destinations. Since they’re employed at the software development agencies, you can be sure they will work on your project for the entire length of the contract.