TypeScript Developer Rates

How much does it cost to hire an offshore TypeScript developer?


Average cost of TypeScript
development (USD)

hourly $ 50.24
monthly $ 8038.4

The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.

Senior TypeScript Developer Rate TypeScript
$ 30 Min
$ 52 Mediana
$ 250 Max
Last update: July 2024

TypeScript Developer Salary vs. Rates on TypeScript Software Development Services: what’s the difference? Our data includes not only salary itself, but bonuses, non-financial benefits, paid vacations, office costs, and taxes for each developer. So you can see the final amount that should be paid for the work of an outsourced senior TypeScript developer.

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248 Best TypeScript Developers For Hire on YouTeam in July 2024

Melkon H.

Sr. Software Engineer, CTO, Team Leader
$12,600 / Month
Finished projects
UTC+04:00 (Asia/Yerevan)
TypeScript 6 years JavaScript 6 years Node.js 6 years SQL 6 years
Veiw profile

Jelena I.

Front-end developer with an eye for details. Responsible and like to be proud of my work
$8,400 / Month
Finished projects
UTC+01:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
TypeScript 1 years MongoDB 5 years Node.js 5 years React.js 5 years
Veiw profile

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Understanding TypeScript as a
programming language

TypeScript can be considered both a programming language and a set of tools to help developers. It consists of all the main benefits that JavaScript has and also comes with its own unique features. TypeScript is developed and maintained by Microsoft. It was initially introduced as a language for the client-side and can now be used to develop apps for both server and client-side execution.

Anders Hejlsberg, who designed C#, is responsible for creating TypeScript at Microsoft. Research in 2020 showed that the development language is among the most loved ones by coders across the globe.

As JavaScript and NodeJS code becomes more complicated, it becomes more difficult to maintain. Its inability to embrace object-oriented programming is also a big drawback for software engineers. Hence, it fails to function as a full-fledged enterprise development language.

TypeScript help tackle this issue by embodying all the aspects of JavaScript. It is strongly typed and object-oriented, which further adds to its usability.

Being a statically typed language, it makes much more sense to use TypeScript when your JavaScript developer team is actually more used to statically typed code. It is also useful when you have to work with a very large codebase since the type system can help you avoid some of the most common errors.

There are a number of great TypeScript tools and frameworks that can help make the development process much smoother. Here are some of the best tools that you need to know about:

  • Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code comes with native support for TypeScript. It also supports multiple operating software and can be very useful if you’re working on multiple devices throughout the day. It also has a very quick startup time and the plugin editor ensures that issues with bad plugins are kept to a minimum.
  • WebStorm. WebStorm automatically reactors your code by performing functions such as extraction of variables, moving files, and inline variable extraction. It also has a very powerful visual GIT tool and has a great autocomplete feature as well.
    The local history feature tracks all the changes and lets you come back to whichever version you want. The side-by-side comparison tool helps you evaluate different codebases efficiently as well.
  • NetBeans. NetBeans has been licensed by GPL and is free to use. It can run on any system that has the Java Virtual Machine installed. Being open-source, developers can modify the IDE to their needs. It debugs your code and points out the errors to help you further optimize your program.
  • Vim. Vim is a highly portable and fast IDE solution for development projects using TypeScript. The Language Server Protocol integrations help you work with a number of languages very easily. Being a command-line editor, it can be used in environments like Chromebooks.
  • Atom. Atom comes with a modular design, and even the core features can be expanded by developers based on their needs. There is an extensive list of packages that comes with Atom, all of which are written in CoffeeScript.

TypeScript developers mainly work as front-end developers or web developers and are responsible for providing the client with the right user experience. They use the TypeScript framework to help improve the user interface as well. They should be able to work in a team to collaborate with back-end engineers or know additional technologies to perform as full-stack developers or work independently.

Depending on the needs of the project, they should also be able to find the errors in the program and fix them. In the long term, they will have to find ways to upgrade the look and feel of the application using the latest trends.

Based on their years of experience and their skillset, developers can be classified into three broad categories.

  • Junior TypeScript developers
    Junior developers are not very experienced but have a strong understanding of the basics of development using TypeScript. They are a great solution for simple tasks that do not require heavy creative input. These programmers often only have 0-2 years of experience and need to be mentored by their senior teammates to gain the additional tech and soft skills.
  • Middle TypeScript developers
    Middle developers have on average 2-5 years of experience working in full-time positions. They have a strong grip over the basics of TypeScript development and oversee the execution of the development process. They are not experts, but can easily mentor a team of juniors and have more tech skills to solve complex tasks and work on projects independently.
  • Senior TypeScript developers
    Senior software engineers usually have 5+ years of experience. They are usually appointed as project managers or team leads due to their experience and are responsible for setting the general direction of the project and choosing the right methodologies. Senior front-end engineers know a lot of different technologies and frameworks. The senior front-end developer can also work as a full-stack developer if they have enough technical skills to combine back-end and front-end.

TypeScript developers come with a unique set of tasks and responsibilities that need to be carried out. Here are some of the major duties of a TypeScript developer:

  • Plan, develop and implement the user interface of the application.
  • Commit to regularly improving the JavaScript and CSS quality of their projects after conducting code analysis.
  • Communicate with the back-end developers to ensure that the software is congruent.
  • Document their working process thoroughly.
  • Know the latest trends and updates in the niche of UI/UX development using TypeScript.
  • Suggest improvements to the existing interfaces and leverage modern upgrades as well.
  • Be disciplined in their use of source code control.

There are a number of key skills that programmers need to have to be considered as a high-quality candidate. Here are the most common requirements for a TypeScript developer job:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology (not always required, but preferable).
  • Knowledge of other programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, PHP, or Ruby.
  • Familiarity with other Java frameworks such as React.JS, Vue.JS, and Angular.
  • Familiarity with mobile frameworks for Android and iOS like React Native and NativeScript.
  • Basic knowledge of UI/UX design.
  • Good communication skills to be able to work with a number of teammates.

Different companies have different needs from developers. Based on the terms of hiring, there are three main options that you will come across.

  • Freelancers
    Freelancers are only hired for the duration of a project and work independently. Their involvement in one project is relatively low since they have a number of clients to work for at any given time what causes a lack of interest in the project. This option is also risky, as they don’t sign any contracts and can leave the project without finishing the task. Although they can be a good option for short-term projects with small budgets as they cost less than hiring full-time software engineers or outsourcing engineers from software agencies, and the hiring process is fast and easy.
  • In-house engineers
    Hiring in-house engineers is the best choice if you need a dedicated team to work on the project from scratch or to simply hire developers on a long-time basis. The hiring process is not easy and fast, as it is a challenge to find the matching quality candidate, evaluate their skills and sign the needed contracts. But in exchange, such developers will be committed to your project and dedicate all their time to the developing process and constant improvement of your product. In-house engineers are the best solution for core development stages and long-term projects.
  • Outsourced developers
    Outsource programmers are hired by external software agencies, so they tend to be of high quality, as they are already pre-vetted by their employers. These developers are often located offshore, and you can outsource them as an entire development team or consider a staff augmentation model to outsource the required engineers to extend your in-house team. You can be assured that they will work on the project for the entirety of the contract, and in any unpredictable cases, the engineers will be replaced by a similar candidate.

The project description for TypeScript developers is important to find suitable candidates. The more detailed and accurate the project description is, the higher are chances to quickly hire the required talent. Here’s what you should include in your next job post:

  • Mention the job title, developer’s level, your company, and its background in brief.
  • What business problem the company aims to solve by the use of the application or software, and what is the industry. It can help find candidates with similar previous experience.
  • A description of the application/software and tech stack you want to use.
  • Specify the developer’s responsibilities: should they maintain and update the product or develop it from scratch.
  • List all the requirements and technologies the developer should know.

Before hiring candidates for development projects, it is important that they are screened properly. This is done to ensure that their skills match the project’s needs. To help you out with the process, here are some of the hard skills assessment questions you can ask to evaluate the TypeScript developer’s level of expertise:

  • What are the Components of TypeScript?
  • Provide the syntax of a function with the type annotations.
  • What are the different keywords to declare variables in TypeScript?
  • Explain the different variants of the for loop in TypeScript.
  • Explain how optional chaining works in TypeScript.

You can also ask error-based questions where the candidate has to analyze the given codebase for any flaws and point them out. They may also be asked to give suggestions to improve the code.

Tell us about your plans on a brief intro call and we’ll start the matching process.

FAQ about Hiring TypeScript Developers

Why hire TypeScript coders with YouTeam?

YouTeam is a safe and fast solution on the market and can provide clients with needed top-quality developers in less than 48 hours, utilizing a 100-point match system. Our developers are from the best offshore locations, such as Latin America and Eastern Europe. Another good side is that hiring developers from these regions is a cost-effective solution as the average salaries in these countries are much lower for the same level of talent.

How does YouTeam vet TypeScript software developers?

YouTeam uses a multi-point vetting process to ensure that the clients are getting the right developers. Firstly, we work with vetted software development agencies. Secondly, the candidates’ hard skills and soft skills alongside their experience are checked through pre-interviews to find the best software developer matching the project.

How much does it cost to hire the best TypeScript developers using YouTeam?

On average, it costs about $55/hr to hire the best TypeScript developers using YouTeam. The salary range varies based on the experience level of the developer and the location of the candidate.

Where are the best offshore TypeScript engineers are located?

The best TypeScript engineers are located in Eastern Europe and Latin America. The tech talent potential of these countries is constantly on the rise, which ensures that you can hire extremely talented developers for a very cost-efficient rate.

How is YouTeam different from freelancer portals for hiring TypeScript developers?

YouTeam does not offer freelancers. We only work with handpicked software development agencies, and offer our customers a fast and secure way to hire developers from the top outsourcing destinations. As they are hired by their organizations already, you can be assured that they will have all the required skills and will work on your project throughout the length of the contract.

Why hire a team of TypeScript developers?

Hiring a team of TypeScript developers allows working much faster, with more hands on deck. The developers are much better motivated and dedicated as they don’t have to work individually and take all the responsibilities for one person what can be highly stressful.

In case one of the developers chooses to leave, you are can be ensured that other engineers cover the tasks while you try to find a suitable replacement.

How TypeScript developer salary is different and why?

The TypeScript developer salary varies based on the level of expertise and the geographical location of the developer. The average salary of a developer living in the US, especially in New York or San Francisco, is much higher than that of a developer living in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

The annual salary of a developer in the US is around $116K according to Indeed.

On the other hand, the average salary of developers in Latin America is much lower: in Mexico, it is $16K, in Brazil – $13K. A similar situation in Eastern Europe: the average salary of developers in Poland is $25K, in Ukraine – $18K.

Depending on the experience and how advanced the skills are the cost of hiring a senior full-stack engineer will be much expensive than hiring a junior developer with basic knowledge of TypeScript.