C++ Developer Rates

How much does it cost to hire an offshore C++ developer?


Average cost of C++
development (USD)

hourly $ 50.1
monthly $ 8113.6

The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.

Senior C++ Developer Rate C++
$ 37 Min
$ 52 Mediana
$ 120 Max
Last update: June 2024

C++ Developer Salary vs. Rates on C++ Software Development Services: what’s the difference? Our data includes not only salary itself, but bonuses, non-financial benefits, paid vacations, office costs, and taxes for each developer. So you can see the final amount that should be paid for the work of an outsourced senior C++ developer.

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46 Best C++ Developers For Hire on YouTeam in June 2024

Muhamed K.

Senior Back-end Developer
$5,880 / Month
Finished projects
UTC+01:00 (Europe/Tirane)
Golang 4 years PHP 4 years C++ 2 years Laravel Framework 4 years
Veiw profile

Yuri M.

C/C++, Java and C# developer, with experience in game development
$10,080 / Month
Finished projects
UTC-03:00 (America/Recife)
Java 5 years C 5 years C++ 5 years Game Design 3 years
Veiw profile

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Read about Work with C++ Developers

hire c plus plus developer What You Should Know Before Hiring a C++ Developer in 2024

Svetlana Shevchuk

August 08, 2023 9 mins read
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Understanding C++ as a
programming language

C++ was developed as an extension to the C language in 1979. Code in C++ is developed on object-oriented programming and has a high level of reusability. It offers developers a high level of control over system resources and memory. Programs in C++ are statically typed and the code is case sensitive.

C++ is a multi-paradigm cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance applications. It can be found in a number of graphical user interfaces, embedded systems, and operating systems. C++ has also found use in IoT devices such as cars, smartwatches, and TVs.

However, the most popular use of C++ is in game development. A number of titles such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, and StarCraft, are based on the language.

Gaming engines used by popular consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are all based on C++. It is also used to develop web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

There are a number of versatile and useful development tools that can be used while developing apps in C++. Here are some of them:


Microsoft Visual C++

Visual C++ is a free interactive development environment that supports Windows, iOS, and Android. It is the most popular development software in the C++ niche today. It also provides support for languages like NodeJS, Python, and C#.



Boost is a collection of sample libraries that helps in the development of cross-platform applications using C++ and works very well with the Standard Library in C++. Its libraries provide direct support for image processing, linear algebra, multithreading, and unit testing.



QT is an open-source widget toolkit that enables developers to build graphical programs that can work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Android without a lot of changes. QT can also be of use if you like terminal and console interfaces.


Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a widely used IDE for the development of programs in C++ and C. It is also used by Java developers for coding in the same language. Eclipse supports development frameworks for different toolchains and source navigations. It boasts of having a number of powerful features that can be used in full-fledged development projects.

A C++ developer designs and develops programs based on the C++ language. The applications can be used on a variety of devices, and range from video games to web browsers and IoT devices. They are responsible for finding the requirements of the program, writing and implementing the code, and overseeing its deployment. Once the app is being used by others, these developers are also responsible for maintaining the code and fixing any bugs or glitches that might be there.

Depending on the years of experience of the C++ programmers and their skill sets, there are three main categories into which they can be classified.


Junior developers

Junior C++ developers have little experience in practical programming and are working in their first entry-level job. These developers have a clear understanding of the basics of development using C++ as the main language. Junior developers are helpful in working on basic tasks that don’t require complex solutions. They are also mentored by more experienced developers for learning the practical details.


Middle developers

Middle developers have spent around 2-4 years working with C++ as the main programming language. They are able to come up with programming solutions alone as well as in a team. These developers are often responsible for coming up with practical solutions when working on the project. They may also have knowledge of other programming languages besides C++.


Senior developers

A senior developer has spent at least 4 years of experience working on projects. These developers usually have job titles that put them in leadership positions, like Team Lead. As a result, senior software engineers work on creating business solutions with the help of software development. They are also responsible for laying down the foundation and direction of a coding project. Due to their seniority level, they are able to call upon ideas from other languages and frameworks that they have learned over the years.

Here are some of the most common tasks and responsibilities of a C++ engineer:

  • Designing fully functional programs and apps using C++
  • Suggesting changes for the current state of the app/software, and different ways in which the improvements can be implemented
  • Performing diagnostic tests on the software to detect errors, and fix them
  • Documenting software development process and maintaining regular records
  • Manage share network resources using JavaScript, RMI
  • Integrate SQL and databases into the back end of the program
  • Staying updated with the latest developments in the C++ development niche

Here are the most commonly sought-after skills when it comes to hiring a C++ developer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science and a clear understanding of software development in C++
  • Thorough knowledge of STL containers, standard library, and algorithms
  • Ability to write code in high-level languages such as Python and NodeJS
  • Good understanding of object-oriented programming and memory management
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • Great verbal and written communication with other teams and the client
  • Familiarity with templating in C++
  • Having knowledge of development in different operating systems

Depending on your needs and the hiring model that you choose, there are three main hiring models that you can choose from.



Freelancers are the best solution for you if you are seeking a developer for a short-term project. In these cases, a deep understanding of the project is not needed and the scope of the project is clear and defined. They are not heavily invested in the project since they have several different projects to work on simultaneously. And it usually takes much time to find the perfect match for your project on freelance platforms.


In-house engineers

In-house engineers are usually the best solution for maintaining a core product for a company that needs regular software assistance. This is usually a costly solution since other factors like bonuses, health insurance, and tools need to be covered by the company itself. But the main advantage is the devotion of in-house developers, as they are fully dedicated and interested in product development, as they are employees of this company.


Outsourced programmers

Since outsourced software developers are usually located offshore, you can choose the best location and hire high-quality software engineers for remote work at a much lower price. You can hire engineers or development teams from software development agencies, or extend your team with full-time contractors with YouTeam. Since the USA is facing a shortage of quality talent, outsourcing developers for US projects is the most relevant solution.

The C++ project description is used to communicate a number of important details to the developers. Here are the things that you should include in the project description for job listings or for a new project:

  • A brief background of the business, the business problems, and how the program attempts to solve them
  • Any specific coding style or norms that need to be followed while writing the code
  • A list of technologies to be used on a project
  • A description of the developer’s responsibilities and tasks
  • A description of a development team to explain the role of a newcomer

When you’re hiring software engineers, you need to be able to screen them beforehand. Here are some sample questions for you to vet C++ developer’s tech skills:

  • What is operator overloading in C++?
  • What do you know about friend class and friend function?
  • Suppose you have the GPA (Grade Point Average) of n number of students, and you need to store and display it using C++. Can you write a program that accomplishes this?
  • Define the copy constructor in C++. Also, talk about the general function prototype of the constructor. Talk about the various scenarios in which you can call upon this operator.
  • Is it possible for a C++ program to be compiled without the main() function?
  • What are the different types of polymorphism in C++?
  • Output-based questions: require the candidate to assess a block of code and evaluate its output.

The interviewer can also ask a candidate to examine a block of C++ code and identify the errors in the given code. They may also be asked to come up with solutions to make the program functional.

Tell us about your plans on a brief intro call and we’ll start the matching process.

FAQ about Hiring C++ Developers

Why hire C++ coders with YouTeam?

There are three main reasons why you should hire C++ coders with YouTeam.

Firstly, we are the fastest solution on the market and can match you with a quality full-time developer within 48 hours.

Secondly, the quality of talent that we can offer is of the highest level. We only work with reliable software development companies and pre-vet all our candidates to evaluate their experience and skills before they go to the interview.

And finally, as compared to hiring developers of the same quality in Eastern Europe or the US, hiring engineers from Eastern Europe and LatAm with YouTeam is a cost-effective solution.

How does YouTeam vet C++ software developers?

YouTeam uses a multi-level screening process that involves a number of interviews. The hard and soft skills of the candidate are tested thoroughly to ensure the candidate is a good match for the client’s needs. By working with handpicked software agencies, we can ensure that you will work with reliable, top-notch software engineers.

How much does it cost to hire the best C++ developers using YouTeam?

The cost of hiring the best C++ developers using YouTeam depends on the hourly rate of the developer and their hours of work. The average hourly rate that you can expect to pay is around $55/hr. This rate varies depending on the skills, experience, and location of the developer.

Where are the best offshore C++ engineers located?

The best C++ offshore engineers are located in Eastern European countries and Latin America. The tech talent potential of these countries is growing every year, which makes them one of the best places to hire developers from. Moreover, the average base salary that you will have to pay for the talent of the same or higher quality as in the US is lower due to the low cost of living in these countries.

How is YouTeam different from freelancer portals for hiring C++ developers?

YouTeam only works with handpicked software development agencies and does not offer freelancers for hire. We offer a fast and safe method for you to extend your team with quality full-time developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America. As these developers are hired at external development companies, you can be assured that they will stay committed to your project throughout the length of your contract.

Why hire a team of C++ developers?

Hiring a team of C++ developers allows you to have more people working on the project and you can have a faster speed of work. Having a dedicated team allows you to have better motivation within the team due to consistent interaction, and you can have a better work environment for everyone.

In case one of the developer’s leaves, you are covered since the other engineers can cover for the one that left before you find a replacement.

How does a C++ developer's salary differ and why?

The annual salary that you will have to pay is different based on the skill level of the developer, their geographical location, and their experience.

Developers living in US cities such as San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York have an average salary of $118,000 according to Indeed. And the compensation of experienced top-notch engineers in California can get $200,000 or even more.

On the other hand, senior developers from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Romania, and Poland have an average salary of around $80,000 per year.

Similarly, developers living in Latin American countries have a bit lower salary range than their Eastern European counterparts. In Argentina, a C++ developer makes around $77,000 per year. In Colombia, the C++ developer salary is around $75,000 per year, in Mexico, the national average salary of a software developer is $48,000 per year and around $80,000 for senior specialists.