PHP Developer Rates

How much does it cost to hire an offshore PHP developer?


Average cost of PHP
development (USD)

hourly $ 45.71
monthly $ 7313.6

The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.

Senior PHP Developer Rate PHP
$ 32 Min
$ 45 Mediana
$ 192 Max
Last update: June 2024

PHP Developer Salary vs. Rates on PHP Software Development Services: what’s the difference? Our data includes not only salary itself, but bonuses, non-financial benefits, paid vacations, office costs, and taxes for each developer. So you can see the final amount that should be paid for the work of an outsourced senior PHP developer.

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172 Best PHP Developers For Hire on YouTeam in June 2024

Muhamed K.

Senior Back-end Developer
$5,880 / Month
Finished projects
UTC+01:00 (Europe/Tirane)
PHP 4 years Golang 4 years Laravel Framework 4 years C++ 2 years
Veiw profile

Olena P.

Senior PHP Developer with 10+ years of experience
$5,267 / Month
Finished projects
UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
PHP 10 years JavaScript 7 years WordPress 8 years Shopify 3 years
Veiw profile

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Understanding PHP as a
programming language

PHP is an open-source scripting language that can be used for web development and embedded into HTML. The language was created in 1994 and has since been used in web development extensively.

The programming language is relatively simple and entry-level programmers can write their first running program within a few hours. It is often the first developers' server-side programming language to start coding.

PHP is powerful enough to run blogging sites such as WordPress, and social media networks as well.

PHP is mainly used for building web applications and websites. Since it is a general-purpose language, it can also be used to make several projects and graphical user interfaces (GUI).

The great thing about using PHP is that you are not limited to giving out HTML outputs, you can also use PDFs, Flash movies, XHTML, and XML texts as output. This enables developers to create immersive web programs.

PHP is free to use and works with almost every major operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac). It is also compatible with almost every online server used today and runs seamlessly with databases.

PHP has given rise to a number of frameworks used to develop websites and web applications. Here are some of the most popular PHP frameworks that developers use on a regular basis:


Laravel aims to provide a foundation for building high-end web applications. It uses a number of other tools such as Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, and ASP.Net MVC. It also comes with application architecture to help reduce the time needed to develop applications from scratch.


Symfony is a PHP framework that is used for building websites. It is one of the best options for web apps that need to be scalable. If you are projecting a big improvement in your web application in the future, then using Symfony will help in making the entire system much more flexible.


CakePHP is mainly used for quick and easy PHP development. Since the configuration process is very minimal, you don't have to mess around with XML or YAML files. You can begin coding right away with CakePHP's own inbuilt ORM.

Due to its low cost, efficiency, and maintainability, it is used by several top Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.

PHP developer job has a list of requirements and responsibilities:

  • Building websites and web applications with PHP frameworks.
  • Coordinating with a team of developers to create effective solutions.
  • Updating the software and ensuring that the user interface is working smoothly.
  • Maintaining website functionality. As part of the maintenance process, PHP developers might have to analyze the code, point out and fix the shortcomings with it.

Depending on the qualification and the years of experience, a PHP developer can be classified into three categories.

Junior developers

Entry-level PHP developers are working on their first few projects with PHP. They usually work with their senior colleagues to gain experience. At the start of their coding career, they might not be fully aware of many other languages and operate only with basic coding tasks.

Middle developers

PHP developers with 2-4 years of experience are expected to lead the execution of the project. They are also supposed to pitch in ideas for the way the project should go. They also need to know some other languages and frameworks to use alongside PHP to build more efficient and flexible solutions.

Senior Developers

Senior PHP developers have much more responsibility for their projects. They are usually the project leaders or managers and have to set the foundation and direction for the development process. Being the head of the team, they have to guide their juniors and take responsibility for the core development.

The responsibilities of a PHP developer depend on their skill level and experience. However, all of them build websites and web applications, and maintain them depending on the project needs.

Depending on the projects, PHP developers can build websites and apps from scratch, maintain the existing web products, fix bugs, and work on implementing new features.

PHP developers are usually employed as front-end developers to work on the user interface while back-end developers in their team are responsible for the functionality of the app or website.

To work as PHP developers, programmers are usually required to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or any relevant field, or certifications to prove their qualification.

Apart from having a solid understanding of the language, PHP web development also requires a basic knowledge of other languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, Go, AJAX, MySQL, and jQuery.

PHP developers need to have solid knowledge and experience in computing architecture, algorithms, OOP, and web programming on a more fundamental level.

A full-stack PHP developer also knows APIs, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to be able to work on both front-end and back-end development.

There are three types of PHP programmers depending on your needs and hiring models that work best for you.


Freelance developers often work alone through different freelance platforms and have multiple projects at the same time. They can be hired for different secondary tasks like adding some features to the existing projects. Freelances are not a good choice for core development and long-term projects – they are not deeply interested in the product, as they can change leave the project without notice. But it's a great option to quickly hire an additional developer for a short-term task.

In-house engineers

In-house software engineers are formal employees of the company, and they are usually interested in a project and take part in core product development. As it is not an easy and quick process to find and hire in-house developers, they are usually hired for long-term tasks to stay on the project throughout the entire process.

Outsourced developers

Outsourced developers are often offshored from different countries as it's a cost-effective solution to hiring quality tech talent for the long run. Businesses often outsource an entire dedicated team to work on the project or hire full-time contractors as additional help for their in-house development team.

Outsourced software developers work best for long-term projects as they are usually dedicated to that one role and are deeply interested in the project compared to freelancers. It's also a great solution for companies that face a challenge hiring in-house developers due to tech talent shortages in their location.

With the outsourcing model, businesses have access to worldwide tech talent.

Employers should let the engineer know about the project, their goals, and the responsibilities of the developer.

Clients should mention the industry of the project, clearly explain its scope, and what is planned to be done in the future. It's important to list the requirements for the developer and the tasks they expect the developer to solve. It would also be helpful to mention the team that is already working on the project, so the candidates can clearly understand their role in the development process.

While looking for a PHP developer, it is very important to ensure they will be able to meet the client's needs and cope with the required tasks. Here are some of the assessment questions you can ask to evaluate their tech skills during the interview.

  • What are the main error types in PHP and how are they different from each other?
  • How can we get the number of elements in an array?
  • What is the difference between static and dynamic websites?
  • Would you say PHP is a case-sensitive language?
  • What are the characteristics of PHP variables?
  • What is the difference between PHP4 and PHP5?

Employers can also offer the candidates to pass online coding tests to prove their expertise.

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FAQ about Hiring PHP Developers

Why hire PHP coders with YouTeam?

YouTeam is the best choice for businesses that want to hire full-time quality talent in a short time. After you share your requirements, we provide the relevant top-notch candidates in 48 hours or less.

YouTeam works only with top software development agencies from Latin America and Eastern Europe and can ensure the quality of the offered engineers as we vet each candidate before the interview.

How does YouTeam vet PHP software developers?

YouTeam is strictly evaluating the agencies we work with so that the provided developers are always of the high-quality.

The candidates always go through the pre-vetting interview, where we evaluate their tech and soft skills and ensure they meet the client's requirements and are a good match for the project. Then, the client can evaluate the candidates on their interviews and choose the developer they want to work with.

How much does it cost to hire quality PHP developers with YouTeam?

The average rate you can expect to pay when hiring a PHP developer from YouTeam is around $55/hr. This rate varies with the developer's experience level and expertise, as well as the location you hire from. As we provide developers from Latin America and Eastern Europe, the rate can vary per country.

Where are the best offshore PHP engineers located?

The best offshore engineers are located in Latin America and Eastern European countries, that's why we work with these destinations. The number of developers in these countries is expected to increase each year and the government there supports the development of the IT industry a lot. The developers from these locations are known for their high-quality tech skills.

Outsourcing development to LatAm and Eastern Europe is also a cost-effective decision because the developers of the same quality as the US engineers have reasonably lower salaries due to the difference in costs of living.

How is YouTeam different from freelancer portals for hiring PHP developers?

YouTeam does not work with freelancers. We only hire top talents from the best outsourcing agencies and provide a fast and safe way for customers to hire top-notch developers. Since these developers are already hired by the software development companies we work with, you can expect them to work dedicatedly throughout the duration of the project. If the developer leaves due to unforeseen circumstances, we ensure that they will be quickly replaced by another engineer of the same quality.

Why hire a team of PHP developers?

With a team of PHP developers, you can be assured of a faster pace of the development process. Also, the developers have a high level of motivation since they feel more competition in a team. Even if one of the developers decides to leave, you are safe since the others can continue working on the project while you are searching for a replacement.

How do PHP developers' average salaries differ, and why?

The salary range of PHP developers varies depending on the geographical location, their skills, and expertise. Due to the high cost of living and demand for talent in Western European cities and the US, the average developers' annual salary there is much higher. But, the salary range in LatAm and Eastern Europe is lower due to the lower cost of living. However, the quality of the tech talent can be higher.

The average PHP developer's salary in Ukraine is $36-50K per year, compared to more than $100K in the US. The average PHP developer's salary in Poland is $60K, in Belarus – $35K per year. If you are considering outsourcing development to Latam, the national average salary of the PHP developer in Colombia is $32K per year, in Brazil – $30K, in Costa Rica – $36K.