C# Developer Rates

How much does it cost to hire an offshore C# developer?


Average cost of C#
development (USD)

hourly $ 48.12
monthly $ 7699.2

The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.

Senior C# Developer Rate C#
$ 31 Min
$ 46 Mediana
$ 150 Max
Last update: July 2024

C# Developer Salary vs. Rates on C# Software Development Services: what’s the difference? Our data includes not only salary itself, but bonuses, non-financial benefits, paid vacations, office costs, and taxes for each developer. So you can see the final amount that should be paid for the work of an outsourced senior C# developer.

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148 Best C# Developers For Hire on YouTeam in July 2024

Jose C.

Agile Software Engineer with 14 years of experience. Skilled at contributing to multi-team development projects.
$8,064 / Month
Finished projects
UTC-05:00 (America/Guayaquil)
C# 10 years .NET 9 years SQL 8 years ASP.NET 6 years
Veiw profile

Thiago Alexandre B.

With 15 years of experience in architecture, analysis, and development. I have excellent skills in several programming languages.
$14,280 / Month
Finished projects
UTC-03:00 (America/Sao_Paulo)
C# 4 years Spring Boot 5 years Ruby on Rails 3 years
Veiw profile

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Understanding C# as a
programming language

C# is a general-purpose programming language and a part of the .Net framework. It was introduced by Microsoft in 2000 and is an ideal competitor of Java. C# uses object-oriented programming, and it’s a language to develop a wide range of apps.

Best of all, C# can be used with various frameworks and tools to fulfill countless business objectives. No wonder top names in the industry rely on C# to delight customers. Some of them include Microsoft, Alibaba, Accenture, and Stack Overflow.

Entrepreneurs can hire a C# developer and build reliable products and gain a competitive advantage. It is highly popular with both businesses and software engineers for its reusability of code.

C# is an excellent choice to develop web apps and desktop apps. Programmers can also use the language to build websites, web services, and a range of gaming applications. Nowadays, some people are also using C# for innovative projects like virtual reality (VR).

C# can be used for front-end development, like creating web interfaces. However, developers can also use C# for back-end purposes by pairing it with several technologies like SQL.

Moreover, C# is highly preferred to build Windows applications. It works with .Net technology to provide advanced development capabilities.

In addition, C# is an excellent choice for developing mobile apps and games. Coders can use C# cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin to create Android and iOS mobile apps.

C# easily syncs with a range of frameworks and tools to facilitate development. Coders can take advantage of countless IDEs, editors, compilers, profilers, and version control resources.

Microsoft also provides multiple choices to develop with C#. The most popular among them are the IDEs like Visual Studio Code. These frameworks come with all the features developers need for coding, editing, and debugging.

Additionally, programmers can use external IDEs like MonoDevelop.

Moreover, engineers can use Visual Studio extensions like CodeMaid and SlickEdit to simplify development. They can also rely on JSON frameworks that use JavaScript object syntax to transmit data.

Developers may also use version control tools like Git and BitBucket to handle multiple workflows. In addition, C# stacks can include testing tools like Selenium and CodeRush.

C# is the perfect language to use for development projects. However, a C# developer will need sound technical knowledge apart from familiarity with C# to create a quality app. They will also need to know .Net framework and any ancillary technology like ASP.Net. And when you look for C# developers, you can find the required specialists among .Net developers.

C# programmers are software developers who can use the languages in Microsoft’s framework to build reliable products for their employers.

A C# programmer starts working as an entry-level developer at the beginning of their career. They do not always have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as many developers nowadays educate by themselves and learn to program on private courses. They work as a part of a development team and handle minor responsibilities. Additionally, they learn new skills and gain experience working under senior supervisors.

Junior developers can work for 1-2 years and become middle-level programmers. In this role, developers can build a reliable product on their own without any assistance.

An engineer can ultimately become a senior C# developer with over five years of experience. Senior developers can lead multiple development teams and act as mentors to train less experienced developers.

The salary range of the developers highly depends on their years of experience.

A C# developer takes on the role of a software or application developer in a company. They also work in web development and manage the internal software architecture of an organization. Additionally, they deploy apps, fix bugs, and test products to ensure quality. All tasks and responsibilities depend on the project. C# programmers work best in multidisciplinary teams and are part of the entire development cycle.

Some everyday tasks of C# professionals are designing, coding, and reviewing codes. They also ensure to follow coding best practices to create clean code. Moreover, C# developers collaborate with non-tech personnel to understand application needs.

C# developers should have commendable tech skills to develop successfully. They should have a strong grasp over C# and full knowledge of its entire ecosystem.

Moreover, C# coders should have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming. They should also know how to write reusable C# libraries and manage different architectural patterns.

If you need a C# full-stack developer, they should know both the front-end technologies and how to attend to back-end duties. Therefore, developers also know how to work with technologies like the Microsoft SQL server.

Developers have to be also aware of ancillary frameworks and tools to facilitate development. They may be familiar with resources like Angular and know how to work with APIs. Some other common technologies used by developers include:

  • .NET framework
  • Libraries like Automapper and xUnit
  • JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Bootstrap

However, not every developer knows how to use all technologies. As a result, entrepreneurs should look for a programmer based on the tech stack they plan to use.

Businesses can hire different types of C# software developers for their job titles. We will explore the top hiring models entrepreneurs can use and discuss their pros and cons.


Freelance C# programmer

Recruiters can use platforms like Upwork or Freelancer to hire developers for temporary tasks. Freelancers are suitable for small responsibilities like fixing bugs or adding a new feature. Entrepreneurs can also pay them after the task is complete and enjoy affordable rates.

However, freelancing is a not very reliable hiring model. A freelance web developer can cause delays and deliver work late. They may also cancel the project and disrupt the entire workflow and development timeline.


In-house engineer

In-house hiring is an established model to hire developers with permanent employment contracts. Businesses can hire as many candidates as they want to work in the office. Generally, recruiters post job ads and rely on the local talent pool to fulfill their vacancies.

In-house developers are good for permanent roles but can be expensive, especially if you hire in places like Los Angeles or New York. Additionally, organizations will need to pay financial and non-financial benefits.


Outsourced programmer

Outsourced developers can be a cost-effective way to bridge talent gaps. Entrepreneurs can work with a reputed agency to hire vetted software developers. Additionally, they can recruit a whole development team consisting of front-end developers, C# back-end developers, designers, and QA engineers. Moreover, it is also possible to hire a project manager.

However, most outsourced developers will work remotely from another location, so you should choose the most suitable country to avoid a significant time gap.

You should write an apt project description to attract the right talents. It should contain a few sentences about the company and what a candidate can look forward to.

Focus on describing your project in detail. Don’t forget to include all essential information that potential developers should know. Additionally, explain what you will require from the developer on this role. You should consider the following in your project description:

  • Your industry and a short description of the company
  • Joining date and project duration
  • Tasks and project deliverables
  • Technologies planned to be used for the project
  • Who the new developer will work with

A project description should be concise and informative. It should also encourage job seekers to take action and apply for the position.

Interviews are essential to assess a potential developer’s skills. As a result, recruiters should keep a list of interview questions ready to evaluate candidates. Here are some common interview questions to ask a C# developer:

  • What do you mean by dynamic type variables in C#?
  • What is the difference between boxing and unboxing?
  • How can you stop a class from getting inherited?
  • How can you overload a method in C#?
  • How is a Class different from a Struct in C#?
  • How can you implement encapsulation in C#?
  • What is the use of lambda expressions?
  • Differentiate between readonly and constant.
  • What do you know about DLL Hell? How can you use .NET to resolve it?
  • How do you create singleton classes in C#?
  • What do you mean by managed and unmanaged code?
  • What do you know about extension methods in C#?

Tell us about your plans on a brief intro call and we’ll start the matching process.

FAQ about Hiring C# Developers

Why hire C# coders with YouTeam?

YouTeam helps businesses rapidly hire quality developers for their needs. We partner with leading development agencies to ensure top-quality talent. In addition, entrepreneurs can hire quickly using our vetted network of engineers and start developing right away.

Businesses from the US can expect to pay a lower average salary as our programmers are mostly located in Latin America and Eastern Europe. These regions have a low cost of living that translates to affordable national average wages.

How does YouTeam vet C# software developers?

Our team runs thorough background checks for each dev shop we work with. Additionally, we vet developers thoroughly before allowing them on our platform. Before we schedule an interview for a developer and a client, we pre-interview each candidate to ensure they match the project.

How much does it cost to hire the best C# developers using YouTeam?

YouTeam’s developers live in regions like Latin America and Eastern Europe. The average hourly rate you’ll have to pay for a C# developer from Latin America is $56, and $47 for the developer from Eastern Europe.

However, C# developer salary varies based on region and seniority level

Where are the best offshore C# engineers located?

The top software developers are located in some specific regions of the world. Eastern Europe and Latin America are two leading destinations where recruiters and business owners can find excellent talents. These two areas are coming up as the next IT hubs and provide a promising pool of developers for hire.

Additionally, the average base salary is lower compared to places like the US or the UK.

How is YouTeam different from freelancer portals for hiring C# developers?

YouTeam is not a platform to hire freelance developers. We allow entrepreneurs to recruit vetted software developers that work in established development agencies. As a result, businesses can hire dedicated professionals with proven expertise and experience.

Moreover, our developers will not quite a project midway. Even in unpredictable situations, we are always able to replace the developer with another quality engineer quickly. Therefore, entrepreneurs can hire with more reliability and lower risks.

Why hire a team of C# developers?

A team of C# developers can complete your project in the shortest time. They can also work together, brainstorm, and collaborate to create better apps. Entrepreneurs can also look forward to perks like increased productivity and motivation.

Additionally, a team of developers ensures the continuity of the project. Businesses will always have enough team members to cover the responsibilities if someone quits.

Why do C# developers have different salaries?

The average C# developer salary varies due to factors like place of residence. Wages in regions like Eastern Europe or Latin America are far lower than in the US or the UK.

Additionally, the experience of the programmer also impacts salary. Entrepreneurs will have to pay more to senior developers or C# architects.

A software engineer can also charge more if their skills are unique and rare in the market.